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Tselogs Near Eaves Daly City Features Authentic Filipino Cuisine and an Impressive Selection of Silogs

If you want to expand your horizons—or rather your palate—then treat your taste buds to a meal at Tselogs. The Daly City restaurant serves Filipino cuisine, and is one of the city's most popular restaurants of its kind.

Instead of opting for the usual pizza, sub, or Italian dinner, try something a bit different. Tselogs, which is located just a short distance from Eaves Daly City, offers the best selection of silogs in the area, which are Filipino dishes traditionally made with fried rice and a fried egg. Don't miss out on the tapsilog, a dish of chopped, marinated beef in a sweet barbecue-flavored sauce, or the longsilog, which is a garlicky skinless sausage. There's also an option to add a side of chicken porridge or a Filipino eggroll. The food at Tselogs is also available for takeout if you'd rather enjoy your meal at home.

6055 Mission Street
Daly City, CA 94014
(415) 337-4670

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San Bruno Mountain State & County Park: A Slice of Natural Beauty Not Far From Eaves Daly City

San Bruno Mountain State & County Park comes out of nowhere, suddenly offering a slice of serene natural space right near the Bay Area's city streets. The hustle and bustle of the surrounding urban area quickly melts away when you step foot on the summit loop trail, however. It'll take you up to one of the mountain peaks that dot the park's landscape—many of them are taller than 1,300 feet.

Make the quick trip from Eaves Daly City to San Bruno Mountain State & County Park to explore. If you do decide to embark on a hike up the mountain, you'll be able to see the San Francisco skyline, Central Bay, and other undulating Pacific waters at the end of your trek. However, you might want to consider exploring the bog trail if you're a fan of animals and leisurely strolls. The relatively flat path weaves through diverse terrain teeming with wildlife, especially birds. Check out the park's list of trails for the ones that welcome leashed dogs or horses if you plan on bringing an animal along.

San Bruno Mountain State & County Park
555 Guadalupe Canyon Parkway
Daly City, CA 94005
(650) 992-6770

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Daiso Japan: Shop for Food and Goods Just a Short Distance From Eaves Daly City

Whether you're looking for items that have to do with the Japanese culture or ingredients to make Japanese food, you can likely find what you're searching for at Daiso Japan. The Daly City location stocks a variety of Japanese products. In fact, you can find more than 70,000 items here.

Make the short trip from Eaves Daly City to spend some time browsing the aisles at Daiso Japan. Check out the decorative knick-knacks and kitchen gadgets. Stop here before preparing a meal and pick up some ingredients or snacks. Perhaps instant noodles or spicy seaweed treats are on your shopping list. Sake and sushi sets, as well as bento boxes, are also available. If you take a good look around, you might find some unexpected items like a sequined bow tie, for instance. The good news is that even if you leave with a bag full of items, it shouldn't put too much of a dent in your wallet since everything here is said to be reasonably priced.

Daiso Japan
146 Serramonte Center
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 992-7462

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Bart Grocery and BBQ Near Eaves Daly City: Korean Comfort Food in Daly City

If you aren't exactly sure what comprises Korean comfort food, allow Daly City's Bart Grocery and BBQ to introduce you. According to locals, this Korean take-out restaurant serves up some of the best Korean food anywhere near Eaves Daly City. Since it's also part convenience store, you can quickly grab any essentials you need while you wait for your food, too.

Regulars recommend the signature dish: kimchi fried rice topped with an egg. They recommend breaking the yolk and stirring it right into the fiery bed of rice for truly robust flavors. However, the barbecue chicken plate also comes highly recommended. The tender chicken comes smothered with sauce over rice with a serving of glass noodles on the side. Since all the fare is crafted fresh when you order it, you might have to wait a few minutes for your meal at Bart Grocery and BBQ, but most patrons don't mind this minor inconvenience once they've tasted their food.

Bart Grocery and BBQ
108 Los Olivos Avenue
Daly City, CA 94014
(650) 993-8782

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In-N-Out Burger: Bite Into a Fast Food Classic, Not Far From Eaves Daly City

The Daly City location of In-N-Out Burger is everything you've come to expect from this powerhouse fast food chain. The service is friendly and efficient, and the dining room is bright, spacious, and inviting. And the food, well, the food simply can't be beat, according to In-N-Out fans.

The menu is simple and classic: basically, it's just burgers, fries, and shakes. But many regulars say those burgers, fries, and shakes are the best in the industry. Here's why: Nothing at In-N-Out is ever frozen. Everything is fresh, including the all-beef patties, which are hand-shaped by employees each and every day, as well as the fries, which are hand-cut from real potatoes each morning. Employees slice each and every tomato and onion and carefully peel off each leaf of lettuce from a fresh, crisp head.

This attention to detail pays off in the taste of the food itself, which is always prepared to order and never sits under a heat lamp. Make the short drive from Eaves Daly City and pick up lunch or dinner at In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out Burger
260 Washington Street
Daly City, CA 94015
(800) 786-1000

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