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Beef Up on Your Knowledge of Persian Fare at Ziba Restaurant Near Avalon at Cahill Park in San Jose

In a community as vibrant and diverse as San Jose, it's not difficult to find international food. However, Ziba Restaurant near Avalon at Cahill Park features an unusual genre of exotic fare: Persian cuisine. Many of its customers say you'd be hard-pressed to find better Persian dishes anywhere in the city, and the high quality of Ziba's dishes backs this claim.

Start off with the mixed veggie dish, which contains a medley of pickled vegetables, or opt for the fried basmati rice with stew. The main dishes range from kabobs—try the chicken or beef tenderloin—to more unconventional dishes, such as the Persian burrito with your choice of meat. Patrons give the highest marks to the lamb shank and rice, the herb stew, and the sauteed walnuts drizzled with pomegranate sauce. Make the short drive from Avalon at Cahill Park to Ziba Restaurant for a taste of the exotic Persian fare in San Jose.

Ziba Restaurant
4628 Meridian Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 267-1288

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Enjoy an Italian Meal and All the Fixings at Paesano Ristorante, Near Avalon at Cahill Park in San Jose

You're really in the mood for an Italian meal and all of the works: the fresh bread, overflowing bowl of pasta, and a glass of wine. However, you don't have the ingredients nor the time to whip up such a meal at your place at Avalon at Cahill Park. Instead, head to Paesano Ristorante in San Jose and let the folks there take care of dinner.

There are a variety of entrees on the menu, including veal scaloppini with prosciutto, spaghetti with black mussels, shrimp, and clams, and lamb chops marinated in Italian herbs. Enjoy a meal in the dining room, which is typically filled with sunlight during the day. You could dine outside on the porch at one of the high-top tables or simply enjoy a few drinks at the restaurant's bar. Paesano Ristorante is open until 9 p.m. except on Fridays and Saturdays when it stays open until 10 p.m. Stop by Mondays through Fridays and enjoy lunch until 2 p.m.

Paesano Ristorante
350 W. Julian Street
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 217-9327

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Freshly Baked Eatery Not Far From Avalon at Cahill Park: Where It's All About the Sourdough

At Freshly Baked Eatery, it's all about the dough. Customers rave about the freshly baked sourdough that is made in-house on a daily basis. In fact, some Yelp reviews say the bread is so fresh that it is still steaming when it comes out of the oven. Before servers deliver the bread to you, chefs stuff the ingredients of your choice between two slices to make a sandwich.

If you're looking for a reliable sandwich shop located just a short distance from Avalon at Cahill Park, Freshly Baked Eatery is worth a visit. The San Jose establishment might just become your go-to spot when you're in need of a last-minute lunch idea. There are a variety of sandwiches to choose from, including the roast beef, turkey, and salami. Vegetarians will be glad to know that there are also meat-free options on the menu, as well. Freshly Baked Eatery is open from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Freshly Baked Eatery
152 N 3rd Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 298-9370

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Try Some Authentic Middle Eastern Food at Falafel's Drive In, Near Avalon at Cahill Park in San Jose

When Falafel's Drive In debuted in San Jose back in 1966, falafel wasn't even on the menu. Back then, the restaurant was known only for hamburgers—it offered nothing else. Over the intervening years, however, Falafel's Drive In began branching out into other fare, eventually serving its now-signature falafel pita slathered with hummus.

In addition to the falafel (which you can order a number of ways), Falafel's Drive In also continues to serve the classics. From cheeseburgers to corn dogs, its menu of American comfort food still encompasses every item fast foodies could want. Since the Drive In is just a short trip away from Avalon at Cahill Park, you can easily make the trip here to taste Falafel's signature sauce any night of the week. No matter what you order, customers say you'll be served a generous plate of it.

Falafel’s Drive In
2301 Stevens Creek Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 294-7886

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Grab Sandwiches From Sourdough Eatery to Enjoy at Avalon at Cahill Park in San Jose

At the last minute, you decided to invite some friends over for lunch at Avalon at Cahill Park. You really don't feel like cooking and you were never too confident in your cooking abilities anyway. Let the folks at Sourdough Eatery help you out with lunch. The family owned and operated business has been known to make a tasty sandwich. Given the name of this San Jose eatery, it probably comes as no surprise that the bread is the focal point.

All of the ingredients are tossed on bread that is baked fresh daily. The meats, cheeses, and other toppings are just as fresh. Every sandwich is made to order so you can expect it just the way you like it. Opt for the spicy peppered turkey, German salami, corned beef, or the turkey and beef sandwich. Vegetarians might be interested in the cheese sandwich or the veggie sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. Grab sandwiches to go or stay and dine at Sourdough Eatery.

Sourdough Eatery
848 N. 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 295-7709

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