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Savor Indian Food on Your Pie at Pizza Pub Near Eaves Sunnyvale

You might not think Italian and Indian cuisine have much in common, but Pizza Pub's chefs prove that wrong on a daily basis. They seamlessly fuse Indian and Italian fare at their Sunnyvale establishment near Eaves Sunnyvale, crafting specialty pizzas with Indian-inspired toppings.

Are you a fan of butter chicken? Get it on your pie at Pizza pub. Like paneer tikka? That's available in pizza form, as well. Other popular Indian pizzas include the chutney paneer, the chicken kabob, the pav bhaji, and the kachori pizza. They're all served right alongside classic Italian creations. The latter category includes Italian staples such as a three-cheese pie, the margherita pizza, and the Florentine pizza. Even with the more traditional pies, though, chefs show off their creativity. They also craft a few Americanized gourmet options, including barbecue chicken and Californian pizzas.

Pizza Pub
1342 S. Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 730-8784

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A Slice of New York Near Eaves Sunnyvale: Try the Coney Island Pizza

A Slice of New York has a loyal following in Sunnyvale. That much is evident from its slew of awards, many of which depend on patrons' votes. From the Bay Area A-List's "Best Place for a Slice" to Metro's "Best Pizza of the Silicon Valley," A Slice of New York has plenty of accolades to back its popular pizzas.

Make the short drive from Eaves Sunnyvale to A Slice of New York and try its beloved pies for yourself. One of the most popular pies is the Sutton Place, a thin-crust specialty scattered with Italian sausage and mushrooms. The Coney Island is another favorite, this one strewn with pineapple and Canadian bacon. Just make sure you add an order of garlic knots to your meal, regardless of what you order as the main course, since regulars say they're delicious.

A Slice of New York
1253 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(650) 938-6969

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Kabul Near Eaves Sunnyvale: Some of the City's Earliest Afghan Food

When Kabul debuted in Sunnyvale back in 1988, it was a rarity. The eatery billed itself as the only Afghan restaurant in the city, and at the time, that very well could have been true. Regardless, customers responded to the sudden appearance of fresh, new Middle Eastern flavors. They quickly began coming to Kabul in droves. Now years later, Kabul continues to attract a crowd despite the fact that it's no longer an anomaly.

Today, Kabul keeps customers coming back simply because its chefs craft quality, authentic Middle Eastern food. To this end, you'll often taste hints of cardamom in your food and find yogurt-based sauces smothering your fare. Although many of the dishes feature lamb, Kabul also offers some meat-free dishes such as challaw kabu, a combination of sauteed pumpkin, yogurt, and seasoned white rice. Make the short drive from Eaves Sunnyvale to Kabul for a taste of the exotic.

833 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 245-4350

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Local Art is Always on Display at Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe Near Eaves Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe doesn't just display art. It also teaches art. The cafe near Eaves Sunnyvale regularly hosts classes that cover various aspects of art. So if you find yourself ogling a specific piece by a local artist that's hanging in the gallery, keep an eye out for an upcoming class that might teach you how to emulate him or her.

You can even buy all the stuff you need to get started at Eaves Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe plays host to an on-site art supply store with a wide variety of materials. Meanwhile, Mother Nature's works of art are on display at the gallery in the form of a flower shop tucked right inside. There's also a cafe where you can grab a beverage, a sandwich, or a salad.

Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe
251 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 737-8188

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Mini Golf and More at Sunnyvale Golfland USA, Not Far From Eaves Sunnyvale

Looking for some laid-back fun this weekend? Make the short trip over from Eaves Sunnyvale to play mini golf with friends at Sunnyvale Golfland USA. Here, you'll find two 18-hole courses that can be played fairly quickly, or stretched out, if you're not in a rush. On both courses, there are fun and engaging challenges, including stretches with water on each side. Customers particularly like the safari-themed course. For each course, after the 18 holes, you're given one chance to hit your golf ball in a final hole. If you manage, you're rewarded with a free game!

In addition to mini golf, you'll find a full arcade at Sunnyvale Golfland USA, with everything from racing games to fighting games to Fruit Ninja. They also have a snack bar, where you'll find traditional fare like hot dogs, pizza, chicken strips, nachos, sodas and more.

Sunnyvale Golfland USA
855 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 245-8434

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