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Forget Cooking at Eaves Woodland Hills Tonight and Head to Bistro Orient for Vietnamese Fare

Chefs in Vietnam are known for seasoning their food in a way that imparts intense flavors without adding heavy sauces—which usually bring with them calories and fat. At Bistro Orient, a Vietnamese restaurant in Woodland Hills, chefs mimic the Vietnamese approach to food in the kitchen.

Of course, pho is on the menu at Bistro Orient. This classic Vietnamese soup might fill you up more quickly than expected given its compilation of noodles, meat, and well-seasoned broth. Customers also highly recommend the pad see ew and the garlic noodles, which are both vegetarian. If you like your meat, though, try the pho with roast duck or the Chilean sea bass, maybe even the filet mignon with onions if you have a large appetite.

Since Bistro Orient is just a stone's throw away from Eaves Woodland Hills, you can easily get here for an internationally-inspired meal any night of the week.

Bistro Orient
21799 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 456-4564

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England Comes to Southern California at The White Harte Public House Near Eaves Woodland Hills

The White Harte Public House brings a little piece of the UK to Woodland Hills. Inside, its soft lighting, rich woods, and animal mounts on the walls all evoke Old World England. They're just a snapshot of the pub's overarching theme, however, which draws heavily from the tradition of the British public house.

That means you'll find live entertainment every night of the week at The White Harte Public House. Come to sing on stage during karaoke or team up with friends to tackle trivia. You can also take a passive role, enjoying the performances of live bands or local comedians. If you're just interested in a bite to eat and a cocktail or brew, The White Harte Public House can satisfy those wants, too. Grab breakfast or lunch at White Harte, or come for dinner to pass around a few small plates with friends—or feast on one of the larger entrees all on your own. Make the quick drive from Eaves Woodland Hills to The White Harte Public House for a taste of its food and lively environment.

The White Harte Public House
22456 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 224-3822

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The Vegan Joint: Plant-Based Fare With Flair Not Far From Eaves Woodland Hills

Just because The Vegan Joint doesn't serve meat—or any type of animal product, for that matter—doesn't mean only vegans can eat here. Its chefs so skillfully prepare plant-based proteins that even the most discerning of meat-eaters might be surprised by how much they enjoy the creations, sans saturated fat.

Make the quick trip to The Vegan Joint from nearby Eaves Woodland Hills for a dish with tofu or seitan, two protein-rich meat alternatives. The fajita wrap features grilled tofu mixed with onions and peppers, whereas the pad Thai showcases spicy sauce and freshly ground peanuts. Customers also seem to enjoy the pumpkin curry, a unique dish that ties together savory and sweet flavors. Come to The Vegan Joint any day for lunch or dinner except for Sundays, when the eatery is closed.

The Vegan Joint
1355 H Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 388-4055

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Let Karlo's & Koke's Fresh Mexican Grill Near Eaves Woodland Hills Handle Dinner Tonight

It's Mexican food night at Eaves Woodland Hills so you're expected to prepare the usual, elaborate festive feast for the family. However, you got home from work late, didn't have time to go food shopping, and are realizing there's no way you can pull this dinner together tonight. Here's an idea: treat the family to a night out to eat at Karlo's & Koke's Fresh Mexican Grill.

You and your brood can relax and enjoy a meal while the folks here serve you. Every Mexican meal should start with chips, right? It's no different at Karlo's & Koke's, where each table receives complimentary chips and mole sauce. Don't fill up, though, because there are plenty more items to enjoy. Consider ordering the tacos at $2.75 apiece or one of the combination plates that comes with an entree, rice, and beans. Guests suggest that whatever you order, you should enjoy it with a side of sweet corn. Vegetarians will be glad to know that there are meat-free options on the menu, too.

Karlo's & Koke's Fresh Mexican Grill
1843 7th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 316-9396

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The Slaw Dogs: Gourmet Hot Dogs and Burgers, Not Far From Eaves Woodland Hills

You've probably never had hot dogs like the ones they serve at The Slaw Dogs. Just a short way from Eaves Woodland Hills, this no-frills restaurant serves gourmet dogs and burgers with incredible toppings. Head over with friends and enjoy a delicious meal in a casual, laid back environment.

While the "Slaw Dog" fries are good, regulars say it's worth going in for their truffle garlic fries, coated with parmesan cheese. Customers highly recommend the green monster, a quarter pound Vienna beef hot dog served with roasted pasilla, chipotle mayo, grilled onion, and pepper Jack cheese, all topped with a zesty garlic salsa verde, which lends the dog its green color. They've also got a great menu of eclectic burgers, including the kimchi burger with beef, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, onion, tomato, spicy kimchi and a fried egg with a hot sesame aioli spread.

The Slaw Dogs
19801 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 887-8882

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