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Make the Short Trip From Avalon Shelton to Wells Hollow Creamery for a Sweet Treat

Sometimes the craving strikes in the middle of the day. Other times, it's later at night. Regardless of when your taste buds call for some ice cream, head to Wells Hollow Creamery. This Shelton establishment sources its ingredients from local dairy farms, so you can be sure the ice cream is fresh and flavorful.

Treat the kids to a late-night snack with an impromptu trip to Wells Hollow Creamery, which is located just a short distance from Avalon Shelton. Wells Hollow Creamery comes with a bit of a backstory. You see, the original Wells settlers came to Shelton in 1850 and built the barn and farmstead that are still on the land today. Five generations have tilled the land, and the latest owners sell produce to customers. The main attraction, though, is the ice cream, which comes in more than 50 flavors. Among customer favorites are the banana pudding, sweet peach, and dark chocolate.

Wells Hollow Creamery
656 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 926-0524

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Swing by The Ice Cream Shoppe Near Avalon Shelton For a Cool Treat

If you're in need to a cool, sweet treat, head to The Ice Cream Shoppe. The Shelton eatery is open all year long so when that sweet tooth strikes, you know where to go to get your fix. Stop in and enjoy sherbet, ice cream, or yogurt.

If ice cream is your dessert of choice, choose from a variety of flavors, including cookies n' cream, playdough, s'mores, black raspberry, cookie dough, rocky road, banana fudge, cherry vanilla, caramel swirl, chocolate chip, banana fudge, or peanut butter fudge. If you'd rather stick with plain old chocolate or vanilla, they have those flavors here, too. In fact regulars insist that the vanilla ice cream here is particularly tasty. Make sure to keep an eye out for seasonal flavors. Eggnog, apple pie, and pumpkin, for instance, have been known to make appearances on the menu.

If you'd like to incorporate ice cream into your next gathering at Avalon Shelton, let The Ice Cream Shoppe take care of the desserts. Purchase ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, or ice cream cupcakes. Make sure, though, that you have cash, because cards are not accepted.

The Ice Cream Shoppe
59 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 924-2615

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La Scogliera Restaurant Near Avalon Shelton: Some of Shelton's Most Popular Italian Food

In the approximately three decades since La Scogliera Restaurant opened, it's collected a loyal group of fans in the diners of Shelton. Tucked away on River Road, not far from Avalon Shelton, La Scogliera has head chef Carmello to thank for its widespread popularity. He has decades' worth of cooking experience under his belt, and Carmello's experience shines in every dish.

He and his team make each dish to-order, so you can expect a leisurely European meal at this establishment. Order a glass of wine while you wait for your food. La Scogliera's impressive list includes bottles from Italy, France, and other far-flung locations. Ask your server for a suggestion that will complement your filet mignon alla griglia, chicken alla parmigiana, or calamari with linguine. The restaurant's menu changes depending on the season, so keep an eye out for new dishes.

La Scogliera Restaurant
474 River Road
Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 922-1179

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Baingan: Enjoy a Taste of India Just a Short Trip From Avalon Shelton

With so many Shelton restaurants featuring international cuisine, it may be difficult to decide where to dine. If you're in the mood for Indian, though, many locals will point you in the direction of Baingan, which is located just a short distance from Avalon Shelton. Since opening in 2012, the eatery has developed quite a fan base thanks to the Southern and Northern Indian specialties on the menu.

Before opening the doors at Baingan, owners Pramod Kandel and Sukra Shrestha gained a lot of experience in the restaurant business. It certainly shows given the success of this relatively new eatery, which features popular dishes such as the creamy, nutty chicken korma and spicy chicken vindaloo. Regulars will tell you that almost every meal should include the naan bread and an order of vegetable samosas. Stop by for lunch and enjoy a little taste of everything at the reasonably priced buffet.

94 River Road
Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 924-2626

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Plumb Memorial Library: Browse the Stacks, Not Far From Avalon Shelton

If you're looking for your next read, spend an hour or two browsing the stacks at Plum Memorial Library. Since it's just a short distance from Avalon Shelton, it would be a snap for you to head here and see what this library has to offer.

While you're wandering around, take note of the building — it dates back to 1895 and, according to visitors, has been beautifully restored. But just because the building is historic doesn't mean the library is outdated. Plumb Memorial Library is equipped with the latest technology, such as e-books. This means you don't even have to visit the library to sign out a book, just borrow an electronic copy and have it send directly to your e-reader. Of course, that would mean you'd miss out on visiting the building, so you should also schedule a visit and see the library with your own eyes.

Plumb Memorial Library
65 Wooster Street
Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 924-1580

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