Take a Day Trip to Sharon Massachusetts | 5 Ways to Make Your Pet Feel at Home in Your Canton at Blue Hills Apartment | The Coolest Bar in Boston | How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet | The First Annual "Artists In Bloom" Exhibit

Take a Day Trip to Sharon Massachusetts

Living in the Canton area is perfect for those who seek tranquil living that’s still relatively close to fun and engaging activities. In fact, you can reach 15 different cities in less than 10 miles (depending on which direction you head), giving you plenty of options for weekend or day trips without straying too far from your Avalon Canton at Blue Hills or nearby Canton home.

If you have to pick just one destination for your day trip, the local experts recommend a jaunt to nearby Sharon, Massachusetts.

Lake Massapoag, Sharon MA | Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Sharon was originally settled as a British colony and is rich with history. Take a walk around town and enjoy the historic statues and gorgeous architecture for which it’s known. The town was developed early on as a lovely summer resort location mostly due to Lake Massapoag, which is the town’s most prominent and popular feature.

It is the perfect spot for swimming, boating, or for a picnic while watching a concert on Memorial Beach. Enjoy a number of scenic trails thanks to the high percentage of land conservation within the town’s borders. With plenty of water and land activities, Lake Massapoag is a destination perfect for every season.

Don’t leave Sharon without stopping to satisfy your sweet tooth at French Memories. It’s a charming local coffee shop that fits perfectly with the town’s quaint theme. You can have a Starbucks any day, so try the pear and almond tarte at this French bakery – it truly hits the spot!

If you love nature coupled with historic charm, Sharon, Mass. is the perfect place to visit. Plan a trip this spring when the blossoms start to come out and the weather gets warm enough for a comfortable hike on the trails!

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5 Ways to Make Your Pet Feel at Home in Your Canton at Blue Hills Apartment

Whether your furry friend is a cat or a dog, your pet deserves a cozy environment in your Avalon Canton at Blue Hills apartment. Show them the love they deserve by making them feel at home and at peace with their environment. Read on for our favorite ways to perk up your apartment dwelling pet!

#1 – Treat them Whether it be a new chew toy, scratcher, or a new bone, your pet is sure to enjoy the treat. Head to Coolen’s Pet Supply Store for a special something for your furry friend! Coolen’s even offers organic and natural pet treats; perfect for the health-conscious owner.

#2 – Set aside play time One of the easiest ways to please your pet is just to spend some quality time with them. Perhaps during TV time you could show them some love during commercial breaks, instead of checking your Instagram. Or, try entertaining them with the new toy you treated them to! Your pet will love that it’s not only in a happy home, but has an attentive owner at home as well.

#3 – Upgrade their dining space A pet’s food area should be kept in a low-traffic zone so they can eat in peace. Once you’ve picked out the perfect spot, choose a feeding dish that sits in a holder. The holder prevents scattered food, which can result in a frustrated pet and a frustrated owner. Pottery Barn’s Cambria Pet Bowl & Stand is an elegant yet practical choice.

#4 – Let them sleep in style Let’s face it – whether we like it or not, most pets are completely content chilling and resting their eyes. So treat them to a new bed or comfy spot! Dens for pets are popular these days, so try upgrading their current slumber spot to a cozy den. Plus, they’ll appreciate not only the comfort of the den but also the privacy – perfect for a pet that shies away from guests. Check out Apartment Therapy’s top picks for dens.

#5 – Give them some green Pets, especially cats, love elements of nature so bring that inside your apartment with a pet-friendly plant. Lemongrass and the aptly named catnip plant are both great choices that will especially please any feline friend. Be sure to check out the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants to ensure your plant is pet-friendly and won’t hurt them.

With such stylish and practical pet accessories, there’s no reason your furry companion’s living space can’t be as amenity-filled as your Avalon Canton at Blue Hills apartment. If you and your pet are ready to live the good life, call at 877-532-5452 today!

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The Coolest Bar in Boston

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Boston’s latest bar is beyond anything you’ve experienced in New England. As the largest permanent indoor ice bar in the world, Frost Ice Bar is floor-to-ceiling cool. The furniture, bar and even glasses are made of pure ice. Set at an energizing 21˚F everything stays frozen as you enjoy your surroundings.

Frost Ice Bar

Image: Frost Ice Bar

Faneuil Hall is a destination for tourists and locals alike to enjoy delicious food, drinks and fun times with friends. The latest bar getting all the attention and rave reviews is Frost, the innovative ice bar. You might say, it is the coolest bar in Boston! Less than 30 minutes away from your home at Avalon Canton at Blue Hills, this is one place that provides a great time no matter what the weather is like outside. If you can’t beat the winter temperatures, join them in this magical environment with ever-changing colorful ice walls and furniture. Even the drink glasses are constructed completely out of ice. Frost is the world’s largest permanent ice bar and it is irresistibly close to your home.

In the summer when the temperatures are soaring and your air conditioner is working overtime, the bar still maintains its invigorating 21˚F. Come in for handcrafted cocktails, spectacular ice sculptures and a memorable experience you won’t find anywhere else in New England. Entry to the bar is every 15 minutes. It’s cold inside, but they have you covered. Upon entering the bar, insulated capes and gloves are provided to every guest.

Frost Ice Bar is open daily with special family hours from 12-4:45pm. There are even kid-friendly drinks such as cider-berry splash, sparkling blackberry lemonade and the classic favorite chocolate milk. Guests must be 21+ to enter after 5pm-close. Group and private events are also available to enhance your Frost Ice Bar experience.

Frost Ice Bar is a completely unique experience for the whole family and a quick drive from Avalon Canton at Blue Hills in to Boston. Consider adding a Duck Tour to the day and you’re sure to have Boston memories that last a lifetime!

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How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet

One of the many luxuries of living in Avalon Canton at Blue Hills is the spacious walk-in closet in each home. As you have probably noticed, they can hold a lot of stuff! It’s been a long winter and what better way to celebrate the freshness of the season ahead than by doing some spring cleaning.

Walk In Closet

Image: Flickr

Cleaning out a walk-in closet after a few seasons of piling things in can seem a bit daunting. However, you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, your neighbors at Go Simple in Canton, MA have an entire business specializing in helping you get organized. They have a Four R’s mentality which stand for: Reorganize, Recycle, Reject and Resale. They offer solutions specifically tailored to make your life simple and more productive. Think of them as a personal trainer for your organizational muscles! And, after you’ve cleaned and are left with unwanted clutter, they have a consignment shop where you can sell old, new and unique items. Not only will your closet be clean, but you might make a little extra cash selling some of that junk!

Another way to stay organized is by purchasing special compartments at The Container Store. The store location is in Chestnut Hill, MA not too far from your home, and they offer big and small ways to clean up your closet and your entire apartment. Consider looking at other local stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond for organizational equipment as this is the time of year when they often offer Spring Fever discounts.

The best time to get organized is now. When the warm weather gets here, the last thing you’re going to want to do is stay inside. You’ll be out enjoying the gorgeous flowers and landscaping at Avalon Canton at Blue Hills.

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The First Annual "Artists In Bloom" Exhibit

Boston is known for its unique burgeoning community of artists and craftsmen specializing in both traditional and contemporary arts. The springtime in Boston is especially extraordinary when the flowers are in bloom, and one of the many pleasures of New England is when the art community combines with nature.

Pequitside Farm

Image: Canton MA

Just as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has their annual “Art in Bloom” exhibit each spring, this year Canton will feature their own exhibit celebrating local artists through floral interpretation. As a resident of Avalon Canton at Blue Hills, you are invited by the Visual Arts Department of Canton Public Schools and The Canton Garden Club to the very first “Artists in Bloom Exhibit” at Pequitside Farm on Friday, February 28 through March 2. Pequitside Farm is located less than 4 miles from your future home at Avalon Canton at Blue Hills.

At Canton’s “Artists in Bloom” exhibit, you will experience a spectacular array of color through beautiful floral arrangements. A variety of mixed-media artwork representing Canton Public Schools will be constructed into corresponding floral designs by the members of the Canton Garden Club. Admission is just $5 and all proceeds go towards a scholarship for a future graduate of Canton High School pursuing their studies in the visual arts.

Join your neighbors and the rest of the community for an official kick-off to spring this February 28 through March 2. After the winter Massachusetts has had this year, there is no better way to celebrate Canon’s local artists and the blooming season ahead!

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