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Go Green at the Marlborough Earth Day Fair

Surrounded by serene red maple swamps and idyllic wildlife conservation areas, Marlborough is the perfect place to live for nature lovers. But, as is common across the country, our green spaces continue to be threatened by development, global warming, and a host of other harmful factors. That’s where the Green Marlborough-sponsored Earth Day Fair comes in. On May 9, join other passionate nature lovers, environmental experts and community activists at the Fair to learn more about environmental issues and local initiatives.

Attend the Earth Day Fair

The Earth Day Fair has two main objectives: to educate, and bring the community together. With information on composting, water conservation, bike paths in Massachusetts and locally-grown food, you will not only learn about environmental issues and impact, but you will walk away with some strategies for how you can “go green” as well. Furthermore, you will learn more about local businesses and schools and get to know our community a little better.

Got a stack of old electronics at home that you haven’t had a chance to get rid of? The Earth Day Fair also offers a convenient recycling program where you can deposit old, broken and no longer needed electronics for a small fee benefiting local schools.

With live music, great food and beautiful setting at Ghiloni Park, you will not only learn a lot, but you will have a great time doing it. And don’t forget to bring kids and loved ones along. The event is suitable for all ages – visit the Green Marlborough website for more details on getting there and parking.

Learn more About Green Marlborough

The Earth Day Fair is a huge local event, but Green Marlborough, the group that sponsors it, does so much more for our community year round. A group of residents and local businesses, Green Marlborough members work together to promote sustainability and spread environmental awareness in the community. They have sponsored dozens of environmental initiatives since the group’s founding in 2007 including energy efficient light bulb and reusable shopping bag giveaways, bike Marlborough, low carbon diet groups, the Earth Day Fair and much more.

Get Involved

If you feel ready to become more involved in local environmental initiatives after you attend the Earth Day Fair, consider a becoming a member of Green Marlborough or making a donation. The group is looking for members with diverse skills and interests, and they sponsor projects both big and small, so you can control your time commitment. For the weekly email and more information email jen@greenmarlborough.org.

This year’s Green Marlborough Earth Day Fair is sure to delight, entertain and inform. You will walk away with dozens of ideas for reducing your carbon footprint and “going green” in your Avalon Marlborough apartment. Are you not yet a resident, but want to join a community that is this passionate about environmental awareness? Find your dream apartment home here and contact us for more information.

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Camping Near Avalon Marlborough

The smell of campfire smoke, fire-roasted s’mores, waking up naturally to the chirping of birds – camping is a great way to relax and soak up the natural beauty Massachusetts has to offer. With hundreds of phenomenal state parks and camping areas throughout the state, you have no shortage of options for camping near Avalon Marlborough, whether you’re looking for a day trip cookout or a full weekend getaway. Read on for our camping suggestions and make your reservations as soon as possible – campgrounds are already beginning to fill up for the summer!

Day Trip and Picnic

Hopkinton State Park

Hopkinton, MA; 15-20 minutes away by car

If you want the camping experience without experiencing the dreaded sore back from sleeping on the ground, Hopkinton State Park is an excellent choice for a day trip. With lifeguarded swimming beaches, shaded picnic tables and charcoal grill stations, hiking trails and more, Hopkinton is a great spot for summer fun, particularly for families. The park does fill up in the summer, so be sure to get there and claim your spot early and bring cash for the ice cream truck.

Overnight Camping Trip

Tully Lake Campground

Royalston, MA; Approximately one hour away by car

Walk-in tent-only sites at this charming campground make for an intimate, more traditional camping experience. You won’t experience large RVs blaring their outdoor cable TVs at Tully Lake Campground. With hiking trails, lakeside fun and boat rentals, and convenient amenities like carts to help you haul your stuff to the campsite and coin-op showers, Tully Lake is a relaxing spot. They have already begun taking reservations, so be sure to make yours now.

Pine Acres Family Camping Resort

Oakham, MA; approximately 50 minutes away by car

Another great overnight choice is Pine Acres Family Camping Resort. And it really is an all-inclusive camping resort with lakeside camping sites, cabin rentals for those who would prefer the privacy and comfort of an indoor space, free hot showers, swimming beaches and designated pet beaches, mini golf, rowboat rentals and more.

Two to Three Nights of Camping Adventures

Horseneck Beach State Reservation

Westport, MA; approximately 1.5 hours away by car

When temperatures reach their peak in August, Horseneck Beach State Reservation is where you’ll want to be for a two to three-day getaway. The two-mile pristine beach is breezy all year round, giving you relief from the sticky summer heat and making it a great spot for flying kites, windsurfing, and sailing. You can rent a cabin (or yurt!) or bring your own tent and get a spot in the 100-site campground.

After your respite in nature, you will return home to Avalon Marlborough feeling refreshed and ready to return to daily life. If you’re not already an Avalon Marlborough resident, consider becoming one soon so you can experience all of the summer fun Massachusetts has to offer! Contact us today for more information. With close proximity to the best Massachusetts has to offer, life here is too good to pass up.

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Hiking Tips for Beginners

Residents of Avalon Marlborough have dozens of parks, conservation areas, and verdant natural areas right at their fingertips. Hundreds of miles of trails and new adventures await discovery in your immediate surrounding area. And the best part about hiking? It’s never too late (or too early) to begin. If you’re new to hiking, read on for our hiking tips for beginners, further information about hiking near Marlborough, where to buy gear, and where to begin your journey.

Prepare for Your First Hike with These Essential Tips

  • Get the Right Gear: If you’re just starting out and you’re not sure you want to invest in hiking gear right away, sneakers will do well enough on most trails near Marlborough. However, the more you hike, the more crucial a proper hiking boot will become. From Nordic walking poles to backpacks that double as water bottles, there are hundreds of hiking products out there. Our advice would be to start slow with your gear collection and only acquire items as you need them.
  • Dress Appropriately: Layers, layers, layers. While you’re hiking, weather conditions and your body temperature can fluctuate. While you may not need long sleeves and pants while you’re trekking, these items can come in handy when you cool down or in bug-heavy areas. Additionally, long pants will protect you from twigs and thorny plants that reach their tendrils out onto the path.
  • Protect Your Skin with Bug Repellent and Sunscreen: A lot of the natural areas around Marlborough are wetlands and swamps that are likely to have large mosquito populations in the late spring and summer. Additionally, it is widely known that you can get a sunburn even on a cloudy day, so SPF protection is always a good idea. It’s also not a bad idea to bring along a simple first aid kit with antiseptic wipes and bandages for small cuts and scrapes.
  • Bring Plenty of Water and Snacks: While you don’t want to go overboard with a 50-pound pack for a day hike, it is a good idea to bring more snacks and water–particularly water–than you think you will need. Sometimes you will find a water fountain at a trailhead or natural area visitors’ center, but you are unlikely to find a clean water source along the trail. Never drink from natural water sources. The best hiking snacks contain a good balance of protein, fat and carbs that will keep you feeling full and keep your energy up. Trail mix is called trail mix for a reason and is always a good choice for hiking.
  • Print the Trail Map: Before you leave your apartment, scope out the area where you are going. Sometimes, if the park has a visitors center, you can pick up a trail map, but it’s always a good idea to print out your own before you head out. Don’t rely on your phone as you may lose cell service in unpopulated natural areas or run out of battery.
  • Find your Group: Hiking in a group or with a loved one is not only more fun, it’s safer. Of course, people do sometimes hike alone, but it’s not recommended for beginners. After you become more experienced and if you decide to hike alone, be sure to let someone know where you are planning to go and when to expect you back. If you’re looking to meet like-minded people in the area, you can join one of the hiking meetups within 10 miles of Marlborough.
  • Stay on the Trail: It’s always a good idea to stick to the trail, but this is particularly important for beginners. Plus, many of the natural areas around Marlborough are wildlife habitats; you could be endangering fragile habitat by straying away from designated areas. You will also avoid getting lost, getting a tick, or finding yourself in a patch of poison ivy.

Gear Up

If you’re ready to get out and get hiking, start with steps one and two above and make sure you’re outfitted correctly. If you need new footwear, hiking pants or socks, outerwear, etc., head to Eastern Mountain Sports, which is just a quick 15 minute drive away. For those with an eye for top quality, REI is located just 25-30 minutes away in Framingham.

Hit the Trail Near Avalon Marlborough

Closest to Avalon Marlborough

Looking for somewhere to go for a trail run or stroll after you get off work? Felton Conservation Area is perfect and is located a short 6-7 minute drive away from Avalon Marlborough. This beautiful natural area features a red maple swamp to the south which is home to a variety of species; everything from birds to white-tailed deer. Visitors can occasionally glimpse a hawk in search of prey or even an owl if you go at dawn or dusk. The park is open from dawn until dusk.

Also not too far away and centrally located on the borders of Marlborough, Westborough, Northborough and Southborough is Crane Swamp. Hunting is allowed year-round, so hikers should wear orange for best visibility. Crane Swamp is also a short six to seven minute drive from Avalon Marlborough and dogs are allowed in the area (provided that they are leashed).

Largest Natural Area near Avalon Marlborough

Once you’ve conquered the local spots, a popular stop for hikers in the area is the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. This gorgeous refuge spans a whopping 2,230 acres and is home to a variety of wildlife species including several species of migratory birds and the endangered Blanding’s turtle. The refuge features 15 miles of hiking trails and is approximately 22 minutes away from Avalon Marlborough by car. Due to the delicate nature of the wildlife habitat, pets are not allowed in the area, though service animals are permitted.

With dozens of green and natural areas within a short drive–and even walking distance–of Avalon Marlborough, residents have one more reason to love living here. Missing out on a great nature scene in your current home? Contact us today to get back to nature and find your dream apartment at Avalon Marlborough.

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Spruce Up: Barbers, Salons and Spas Near Avalon Marlborough

In a few short weeks this long winter will start to burn off and make way for a glorious and long-awaited spring. But now for the bad news: hat season will be officially over and a lackluster winter hairstyle won’t be as easy to conceal.

We know that Avalon Marlborough residents are always on the go. Between work, planning your next dinner party and fitting in a workout, squeezing in a haircut can feel like just another chore. We understand that convenience, comfort and quality are key and have rounded up some of our favorite nearby barbers, salons and spas near Avalon Marlborough to spruce up your look for spring:

Convenience and Comfort at a Moderate Price

Lord’s & Lady’s Hair Salons (601 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Marlborough, MA 01752)

12-minute drive from the Avalon Marlborough, Appointment required

A full-service hair salon for both men and women and a solid fan favorite on Yelp, Lord’s & Lady’s features additional services like tanning, waxing, massage, facials and an on-site cafe. Enjoy a cappuccino or a latte while you relax and let Lord’s & Lady’s stylists pamper you.

Best Stop for a Quick Trim

Roc’s Unisex Hair Salon (221 Main Street, Marlborough, MA 01752)

6-minute drive from the Avalon Marlborough, Walk-ins welcome

For a drop-in trim during your busy day, Roc’s Unisex Hair Salon offers convenience and efficiency. With an above average reputation on Yelp, you can expect a good cut at a very reasonable price at Roc’s.

Just for Men

Hal’s Place Fine Cuts For Men (75 Main Street, Hudson, MA 01749)

12-minute drive from the Avalon Marlborough, Appointment required

A beloved neighborhood staple, Hal’s Place is extremely well-reviewed with a 5-star rating on Yelp. Hal is known for his friendly, personable attitude, high attention to detail, and delivering an amazing haircut for a moderate price.

Ladies’ Choice

E’Lustra Hair Studio (187 Main Street, Marlborough, MA 01752)

6-minute drive from the Avalon Marlborough, Appointment required

Managed by best friends Matthew Beaudoin, Studio Owner and Dustin Schrader, Studio Manager, E’Lustra Hair Studio is a convenient 6-minute jaunt away from your home base here at The Avalon Marlborough. Prices are listed right on E’Lustra’s website, so there’s no guesswork involved. However, there are no separate men’s and women’s rates, so women might find the services at E’Lustra to be a better value. Check them out on Yelp.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Nicholas Michaels Spa (422 W Main St, Northborough, MA 01532)

13-minute drive from the Avalon Marlborough, Appointment Required

For a busy person like you, nothing is more important than scheduling in some downtime. Set aside a day in the future for a well-deserved and much-needed day of relaxation at Nicholas Michaels Spa. Located in a landmark 18th-century home, Nicholas Michaels Spa is the definition of charm, comfort, and beauty. Choose from a vast menu of services that includes massage, body treatments, hair services and more, or try a luxurious spa package.

When spring arrives, you can bet it will be looking its best. Meet the warmer weather in kind with an updated look from a nearby stylist. Moving to the Marlborough area? Contact us to learn more about living up at The Avalon Marlborough.

Image: Pixabay

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Meet Tod Salmonson, Community Manager at Avalon Marlborough!

There’s nothing like getting to know your neighbors – especially when they happen to be the Senior Community Manager at Avalon Marlborough! Tod Salmonson is passionate about what he does, and he shares some tips (best restaurants, anyone?) and tricks for getting the most out of your Avalon experience:

  1. Can you give us a little background about yourself? I’m a father of twins, and got married on the dunes of Cape Cod to my wife. I’m also an avid fisherman, surfer, and drummer with close to 20 years of experience managing restaurants in Massachusetts before switching to residential management.
  2. How long have you lived in/near Marlborough? Born and bred down the street in Westborough before leaving for College at Syracuse University. Post graduation brought me to Boston, seacoast New Hampshire, and then back near MetroWest for the past 15 years. I also spent a year in Nantucket back in the early 90’s.
  3. What are some of your favorite restaurants near Avalon Marlborough? The best restaurant in the world is about a half hour from here in Groton, Massachusetts – Gibbet Hill. My second favorite is a local secret in Westford named Belle’s Bistro – the Duck l’orange is to DIE for. And you can’t go wrong at Ted’s in Westborough for Bison.
  4. What makes Avalon Marlborough different from other local apartment communities? Who else has a saltwater pool and a fitness center as expansive as ours? We’ll get you in shape!
  5. If you only had one day to spend in the area, what would you do? My one day in the area would be a summertime day at Nashoba Valley in Westford, biking through the many trails and then wrapping it up with a lobster bake and swim at their outdoor Tiki Lounge.
  6. Are there any exciting upcoming events happening around Marlborough that you’d like to share? Well the first round of move-ins just happened – what else could we possibly focus on other than our very first residents?

Meet Tod and other folks at the Avalon by contacting us today! There’s no better time to move. (Trust us.)

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