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Mai Place Near Avalon Blue Hills in Randolph: Chinese and Japanese Fare Converge

Pineapple fried rice actually comes in a hollowed-out pineapple at Mai Place, adding an authentic and exotic twist that delights customers of this Canton eatery. They also love the crispy sesame chicken and the Valentine's roll, a sushi creation that's made sans rice and with slices of cucumber instead of seaweed. These are just a few of the dishes they praise, however—practically everything is considered well done.

Located not far from Avalon Blue Hills, Mai Place is a stellar example of a fusion restaurant. Its chefs work with both the fare of China and the cuisine of Japan when crafting their menu, making for a unique type of food that lands in a category all its own. Although the decor and atmosphere at Mai Place are modest, the food shines almost every time.

Mai Place
323 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 828-1200

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Stone L'Oven Pizza Co. Near Avalon Blue Hills Serves All-Natural Neapolitan Pies

If you're wondering what the secret is to Stone L'Oven Pizza Co.'s Neapolitan pies, you can take a peek into the kitchen at the Canton eatery. Watch the chefs at work as they hand-stretch the dough, spread the sauce, add the toppings, and cook the pizza on a stone-fire hearth. The folks here offer a creative selection of hand-tossed, all-natural pies.

Stone L'Oven Pizza Co., which is located just a short distance from Avalon Blue Hills, uses aged dough and hot ovens to create the crust that customers have come to love. Whatever type of pie you order, you can expect the ingredients to be free of preservatives, fillers, chemicals, and additives. Guests can build their own pizza by choosing the type of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Or, you could opt for one of the many specialty pies. If you'd like something other than pizza, there are soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, paninis, calzones, and pasta dishes on the menu.

Stone L'Oven Pizza Co.
8 Washington Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 575-1700

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Nisa's Thai Near Avalon Blue Hills in Randolph: Don't Miss the Crispy Chicken Pad Thai

Nisa's Thai in Canton churns out many flavorful Asian dishes, but it has one specialty that keeps customers coming back: the chicken pad Thai. Patrons rave about the way chefs match the crispy chunks of chicken with savory and sweet spices, then gently nestle it atop a bed of noodles. It's a dish exclusive to Nisa's Thai, so don't expect to find it at other restaurants around Canton or the Avalon Blue Hills area.

Nisa's Thai also serves many other authentic dishes, however. Start off with curry puffs, which are comparable to Indian samosas, but with a Thai twist. Those who frequent the restaurant say you can't go wrong with entrees such as Thai basil fried rice or the panang curry. The latter does pack some heat, but just the right amount, and the spice mingles with many other complex flavors.

Nisa's Thai
622 Washington Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 821-6986

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Watch the Game at Canton Junction Sports Pub, Just a Short Trip From Avalon Blue Hills in Randolph

There's a big game on television this weekend, and you don't want to sit in your home at Avalon Blue Hills watching it alone. Instead, call a few of your buddies and ask them to tag along with you to Canton Junction Sports Pub. The folks there will have the game playing and food and drinks on the table, so you can just sit back and relax.

Canton Junction Sports Pub, near Avalon Blue Hills is an ideal place to watch the game, but karaoke and live DJs also provide entertainment. When it comes to the food menu, you'll find pizza, sandwiches, salads, entrees, burgers, and a wide selection of wings. Choose from a variety of wing flavors, including honey glazed garlic, Cajun, Maryland spice, sweet dijon, and whiskey, among others. If you prefer pizza, you can create your own or order one of the specialty pies such as the barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, Buffalo chicken, or veggie. Order a beer to complement your meal and keep an eye out for the drink specials.

Canton Junction Sports Pub
399 Neponset Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 828-7878

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The Chubby Chickpea Near Avalon Blue Hills in Randolph: More Than Just Falafel and Hummus

Playfully named The Chubby Chickpea, this Canton restaurant actually helps diners get healthy—without restricting flavor. Located not far from Avalon Blue Hills, The Chubby Chickpea serves Mediterranean fare, which is innately healthy and flavorful.

The chickpea factors heavily into this affordably priced cuisine; it shows up in everything from the hummus to the popular falafel. However, meat-eaters will also find suitable items on the menu. Try one of the many shawarmas or kebabs if you prefer to get your protein from meat. Regulars praise the entire menu, and they note that it's all certified Kosher, so The Chubby Chickpea can accommodate all types of diners. Stay a while and eat at The Chubby Chickpea's new building, which is warm and inviting, or pick up take-out on your way home to Avalon Blue Hills.

The Chubby Chickpea
588 Washington Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 828-6868

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