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Keeping Your Avalon Huntington Station Place On Pace

You’ve made the decision to make Avalon Huntington Station your home – and with all there is to see and do in this town, you’re constantly reminded of how great it is to head out and explore… but are you keeping your home in line?

Organized HomeImage: Wikimedia

Chances are, no matter how busy or active you are, you’ll be spending the largest chunk of your personal time in your apartment, so the best thing you can do for yourself is get organized and make sure your spot is all it can be.

For example: clutter. We all have it, with degrees of disorder ranging from clothes on the floor to hoarding-like heaps of this and that turning your dream flat into a mountain range of misplacement – so keep up on your laundry, recycle, make sure to throw away or donate items you have no need for – and then take what you have left and get organized.

A good way to do this is to buy some organizational furniture like the trendy-but-useful baskets, trays, racks, hooks, pinboards and space-saving pieces at West Elm at the Shops at Walt Whitman (160 Walt Whitman Rd, 1.5 miles from Avalon Huntington Station). For more of an idea of what you may need, check out West Elm online at (and don’t forget that the mall also hosts a Pottery Barn and a Williams-Sonoma, among other stores).

If you’re tidy but feel like you don’t have an eye for the right furniture consider checking out the design center at Ethan Allen (30 W Jericho Turnpike; only a mile from Avalon). The company offers a free design service, with professionals who understand how to use color, space and other design elements to make your home look its best.

On the other hand, maybe you are organized beyond organized and have an undeniable eye for the right furniture for your domicile, but are still feeling like something is missing? In this case, travel north into Huntington Village to Sedoni Gallery (304 New York Ave.; about 2.5 miles from Avalon) to find the perfect finishing touches for your walls and shelves with unique clocks, mirrors, lamps and decorative pieces and art – as well as all types of jewelry.

With all the ornamental and room-enhancing possibilities available only a short trip from Avalon Huntington Station, your home will always be an organized and relaxing place to unwind after a long day of work or exploring.

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Explore Outdoors The Huntington Way

One of Huntington’s most attractive features is its similarity to the city standard of living. Huntington Station is full of several shops, restaurants and cultural arts prospects for the community to enjoy. What most outsiders don’t realize is Huntington is also full of plenty of outdoor activities. With all of the wooded areas, beaches and parks nearby, it’s practically a necessity for nearby Avalon Huntington Station residents to get out and enjoy the outdoors.


Image: Village Tattler

To start exploring near Avalon Huntington Station, consider the Gateway Park Community Organic Garden, at the corner of Lowndes and New York Avenue. Only about a mile from home, this garden was forged from a formerly abandoned lot into a collective spot that brings together people from all parts of the Huntington community. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown at the Gateway Park, as well as herbs and sunflowers. To apply for a plot, call the Long Island Community Agriculture Network at 631-223-8179.

If you’re looking for a more active outdoor adventure, visit one of the dozens of nature trails nearby. Locals can walk, hike or bike on paved or dirt paths. To find out which trail is right for you, call 631-351-2877, or email

For one more offbeat consideration, be sure and see what the Huntington Historical Society has planned. The organization’s calendar is available online and features a variety of fun events. Coming up, you can visit the spring garden tour on June 8 and a crafts fair August 16-17. The Historical Society also has several repeating tours, including the ever-popular “Historic Pub Crawl”. While drinks are not included in the pricing, $10 each for members, $15 for non-members, at least you can say you went outdoors for a time.

There seems to be no end to the outdoor activities available to Huntington residents. It’s time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

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Easter Events Happening in Huntington Station

One of the best things about living in Huntington is that when it comes to holidays or special times of any kind, some of the biggest celebrations on Long Island are held right here in our town – and Easter definitely falls under that umbrella!

Easter Egg Hunt

Image: Flickr

The Town of Huntington has dozens of churches, synagogues and other faith centers within its limits, so for those seeking to worship on Easter, there are plenty of options. Since your search for a place of reverence is a personal one, so we’ll skip any personal recommendations.

However, for the other fun traditions, here are some ideas!

On Wednesday, April 16th, the Town of Huntington will be presenting its spring “Eggstravaganza” from 10 am – 1 pm at Heckscher Park (164 Main Street, about 2.5 miles from Avalon Huntington Station). Already a popular stop for area residents to bring their families, this special event will feature craft tables, face painting and egg collecting. For children ages 3-8, admission is free but all who plan to take part must register in advance at Town of Huntington Parks & Rec (guests are asked to bring canned foods for the local pantry).

Another possibility will be taking place in Melville, the Town of Huntington’s most southern hamlet, at White Post Farms (250 Old Country Road, 5 miles from Avalon). The “Easter Bunny” will be available for photos on April 5 – 6 and through April 12 – 20, as will the opportunity to decorate eggs, hold fluffy bunnies, hunt for Easter eggs, jump on bouncy rides and check out all the animals that live on the grounds. Admission is $15 each (cash only), with the gates open from 10 am-5 pm (guests can stay until 6 pm).

A bit closer to home, the Walt Whitman Shops (160 Old Walt Whitman Road, 3 miles from Avalon) is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, open to all children 9 and younger, Starting at 8:30 am on Saturday, April 12th, the tickets are $5 each and are available at Simon Guest Services (all proceeds are to be donated to the Simon Youth Foundation).

But then again—brunch anyone? Porto Vivo (7 Gerard Street, 3 miles from Avalon Huntington Station) will be doing a “Grand Easter Buffet,” with “classic Italian Easter brunch stations.” Advance reservations are a must, with three seatings (11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm) for $44.95 (children under 12 are $21.95 each), and your fee includes unlimited Bloody Marys, Screw Drivers and Mimosas, with the “Easter Bunny” also scheduled to be there that day from 11 am – 4 pm.

From brunch to egg hunts, there’s plenty to do around Avalon Huntington Station this Easter. Do you have any other events to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Exploring The Real Huntington Station

While there is no substitute for the New York City lifestyle, living in Huntington Station provides many characteristics to the Big Apple not ordinarily found in the rest of Long Island. This is why most people refer to Huntington Station as the “Little Apple.”


First off, much like NYC, Huntington has a long and fascinating history. Although settled by Europeans in 1653, Native Americans lived in the area for centuries prior. The community bustled and grew, and by the time of the American Revolution, Huntington became a focal point of the struggle for independence – with such notable examples as the storage of munitions in the house of local weaver Job Sammis and the intelligence-gathering efforts of the iconic Nathan Hale. Poet Walt Whitman (1819) was born in Huntington, as was Jupiter Hammond, the first African-American poet to be published in the U.S. – despite the fact that he was born a slave and was never emancipated.

Today, those looking to connect to this rich history can do so by visiting the homes of Job Sammis, known as “The Arsenal”, less than two miles from Avalon Huntington Station. You can also visit the estate where Hammon was enslaved (at the corner of Lloyd Harbor Road and Lloyd Lane; about eight miles from Avalon), the Walt Whitman Birthplace (246 Old Walt Whitman Road, about three miles from Avalon) and the Nathan Hale Monument (at CR-35 and New York Avenue, about three miles from Avalon).

For a different kind of history, check out Finnegan’s (5 Wall St., about 2.5 miles from Avalon), a still-busy pub that’s over 100 years old, even surviving the Prohibition era.

As for dining and shopping, there’s no question that Huntington Village and the Shops at Walt Whitman (160 Walt Whitman Rd; about 2.5 miles from Avalon) provide an upscale experience that calls the city to mind – but what about entertainment? The Paramount takes care of the live music experience, but for independent films, head to the Cinema Arts Centre (423 Park Ave; two miles from Avalon). Not only does it screen films usually only found playing in one or two of NYC’s most devoted indie theaters, but it also hosts a calendar of events featuring guest speakers and work by local talents.

To explore all of these places and everything Huntington Station has to offer, you’ll want to travel by car, bus or taxi, since there are no subways. The Long Island Railroad is a great commuting option and does stop nearby at New York Avenue and Broadway, making it only a half-mile walk from Avalon Huntington Station.

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Dog Days in Huntington Station

Looking to entertain or shop for your pooch? With a plethora of pet-friendly shops and local amenities, Huntington Station is a dog lover’s paradise. Plus, if you live in Avalon Huntington Station, their pet-friendly style of apartment living is second to none. If you live in Huntington Station, NY, here are a few of the local services that will be sure to serve your pet needs.

Happy dog running | Flickr


If you’re new in town, keep the local rules concerning dog ownership in mind. For example, all dogs four months of age and older must be licensed (as must any dog of any age running off-leash) – and as per Code SS 78-3:

Except as permitted in off-leash areas and § 159-20(D), it is unlawful for any person owning, possessing or harboring a dog or other animal in the Town of Huntington to permit or allow such dog or animal to run at large on any public property, including but not limited to parks, roadways, highways, streets, walkways, pathways and sidewalks, or to permit such animal with or without a leash or restraint to enter any public beach, swimming, bathing or wading area, pond, fountain, stream or organized athletics area.

In other words, be wary of where you let Fido run unhooked – but there is a dog run at West Hills County Park (about 5 miles south of Avalon Huntington Station on Sweet Hollow Road), which is divided between large and small dogs, features water and waste bag stations.

However, as Huntington Village is always a popular place for humans to stroll, many leashed dogs find their way to town as well. There are a number of restaurants that have been deemed online as “dog-friendly,” but in truth this is really a limited concept – as most eateries will not accept pet owners bringing animals into their dining areas – but once the weather gets warm, it’s not uncommon to see those who choose to eat a meal in an outdoor space receive the OK to have their dog sit nearby (but it’s always wise to ask permission first, and even wiser to assume the answer could be “no”).

On the other hand, finding food for your canine is as easy as stopping by Community Pet Shop (347 New York Ave, 631-421-0088), as it carries several types of dog foods, including organic options – and for grooming, a good spot to investigate is the TLC Doggy Day Spa (225 East Main St., 631-470-6092), a salon that can put your pooch in a bubble bath, provide needed trimming, filing and other beautification practices (and they sell pet supplies as well).

Whether you have a Chihuahua or St. Bernard, there’s no end to the options for your pet in Huntington Station.