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Duck Fat Rolls are Just the Beginning at Vitae Near Avalon Morningside Park in New York

Vitae does dinner differently than most other upscale establishments, even when compared to the eclectic bunch that dot the streets of New York. That much will be clear from the moment you're served a complimentary appetizer—no, it's not the typical bread basket. Vitae kicks off each meal with a plate of duck fat rolls, and for many Yelp reviewers, the meal could end right there and they'd be happy. However, Vitae offers many other international dishes that shouldn't be missed—and it's conveniently located near Avalon Morningside Park.

Try the sea diver scallops in Thai curry, for instance, or the lobster papardelle. They're two of the most popular dishes on the a la carte menu, along with the black maltagliati with lamb sausage. If you'd like to sample a few different dishes, opt for the prix fixe menu instead of ordering a la carte.

Make sure take a look at the list of libations, too, as Vitae has ample offerings in this area, too. Its bar staff creates unique and contemporary cocktails such as the On to Oaxaca, a blend of Mezcal, chartreuse, and lemon. If you come to the bar for a drink after work, you can also nibble on small plates like ricotta meatball sliders.

4 E. 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 682-3562

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Zibetto Espresso Bar Near Avalon Morningside Park Brings Italian Coffee and Baked Goods to New York

Zibetto Espresso Bar near Avalon Morningside Park may be a part of New York City, but it feels more like a cafe in Europe. At least, that's the atmosphere that its owners strive to cultivate, and nearly 300 glowing Yelp reviews indicate that they've accomplished their goal.

The talented baristas at Zibetto pour some of the best Italian coffee in the area and transform it into specialty beverages. Sip on an espresso or caffe latte in the laid-back environment. Yelp reviewers highly recommend the Americano. Pair your drink with one of the Italian pastries or baked goods for the full experience. The cornetto is a unique option; it's Italy's take on the French croissant. No matter what you order, patrons suggest you take it to go and walk the few blocks to New York's iconic Central Park.

Zibetto Espresso Bar
1385 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

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Don't Miss the Gourmet Cupcakes at Butter Lane Near Avalon Morningside Park in New York

It's evident from the first bite that something is different about Butter Lane's cupcakes. The New York City shop uses only fresh, whole, and natural ingredients, and if its nearly 1,000 positive Yelp reviews are any indication, customers can taste the difference.

Make the quick trip from Avalon Morningside Park to Butter Lane for one of its soft, moist cupcakes capped with thick buttercream icing. According to regulars, the strawberry cake is the tastiest flavor. However, you can also enjoy chocolate cake crowned with salted caramel buttercream, a cupcake that tastes like espresso, or even a lemon cupcake. Elvis's famous predilection for peanut butter inspired another cupcake filled with the stuff. Grab a single cupcake to appease your sweet tooth or pick up a dozen for a special event back at Avalon Morningside Park.

Butter Lane
123 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-2880

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New York's Per Se is Worth a Splurge, So Make the Trip There From Avalon Morningside Park

Don't feel discouraged if you have trouble snagging a reservation at New York's Per Se. That's just due to the popularity of the restaurant, and regulars have an insider trick if you're not having much luck: try making a reservation for lunch. It's much easier to get in for a midday meal than dinner, customers say, and you can sample the same type of upscale cuisine no matter when you visit.

Although Per Se's prix fixe menu changes on a daily basis, it always contains one popular dish: oyster pearls. So whether you go for the five-, seven-, or nine-course menu, you can expect to encounter this beloved seafood creation. According to patrons who've experienced a feast at Per Se, the service is impeccable from start to finish, and all meals culminate in a dessert. Make the short trip from Avalon Morningside Park to Per Se for a special occasion or just an upscale (and slightly expensive) dinner out.

Per Se
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
(212) 823-9335

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Hangawi: A Korean Dining Experience Not Far From Avalon Morningside Park in New York

For well-prepared dishes and a unique dining experience, make plans to enjoy a meal at Hangawi. This Korean eatery in New York City boasts a menu that will impress both meat-eaters and vegans, and a dining style that will make you feel like you are in Korea. To see what Hangawi is all about, make the short trip from Avalon Morningside Park.

Upon entering the exotic and quiet restaurant, guests must take their shoes off. Then, you will take a seat at one of the ground-level tables. Asian artifacts and dark woods will set the scene for your Korean-style dinner. If you would like to enjoy a traditional dish, opt for the kale dumplings or the kimchi mushroom pancakes. Those looking for recommendations from regulars should try the vegetarian bibimbap or the avocado stone rice bowl. Sip a cocktail such as the mojito with Soju, an authentic Korean alcohol.

12 E. 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 213-0077

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