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From Ahi Tuna to Bison, Luxe Burger Bar Near Avalon at Center Place Delights With its Unique Patties

Bison. Ahi tuna. Veggies. These might not be the typical ingredients for burgers, but the minds behind Luxe Burger Bar don't care much for convention. Instead of crafting greasy burgers with subpar beef, the chefs at Luxe Burger use whichever high-end building blocks you prefer to make a patty completely customized to your tastes.

So if you're craving a burger, but not the extra grease and calories, make the quick trip from Avalon at Center Place to Luxe Burger Bar. Once you've chosen the foundation for your sandwich—options also include wagyu beef, lean turkey, and chicken breast—pick the fixings. From Jarlsberg Swiss cheese and feta to jalapenos, black pastrami, and even guacamole, the toppings are gourmet, just like the patty ingredients. If you aren't feeling up to designed your own burger from the bun up, order one of Luxe's pre-designed specialty options. They include the Ultimate Bacon burger, the BBQ Bison burger, and the Crunchie Munchie (which includes pretzel-encrusted chicken).

Luxe Burger
5 Memorial Boulevard
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 621-5893

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Ladder 133 Bar and Grill: Grab a Bite to Eat and Watch the Game Near Avalon at Center Place in Providence

Envision a sports bar with a firehouse theme; that's what Ladder 133 Bar and Grill has to offer. The Providence establishment is a popular gathering place for sports fans, considering large-screen televisions can be seen regardless of where you sit. Add quality food to the laid back atmosphere and upbeat environment, and Ladder 133 Bar and Grill is the place to be near Avalon at Center Place.

You could always just stop in for a drink and take a seat at the mahogany bar that dates back to 1888. If you plan on staying for awhile and enjoying a meal, try the Ultimate Ladder sandwich, grilled chicken pizza, or the popular Ladder 33 wings. For a heartier bite to eat, order the meatloaf with brown gravy, half-pound burger, 10-ounce New York strip steak, or the panko-topped macaroni and cheese. Don't fill up, though, because you won't want to miss out on the fried ice cream.

Ladder 133 Bar and Grill
133 Douglas Avenue
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 272-7427

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East Side Pockets: Enjoy Mediterranean Cuisine Just a Short Trip From Avalon at Center Place in Providence

If Mediterranean fare is on your mind, head to East Side Pockets. That's where guests can dine-in or order takeout Mediterranean cuisine such as appetizers, salads, dinners, and wraps. The Providence eatery has served diners since it opened in 1997 and continues to provide large portions that come with a low price tag.

Gather a group of friends for dinner, bring the family along to enjoy a Mediterranean feast, or pick up some food on the way home from work. The location is convenient, considering it's just a short trip away from Avalon at Center Place so really you can visit any time after 10 a.m. when the doors open. If you're in need of recommendations, the regulars suggest the chicken kabob pocket, beef steak kabob, combo pocket, falafel pocket, or the grape leaves. Every meal here should end with a slice of baklava, but if you ate too much for dinner, make sure to take a piece home.

East Side Pockets
278 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 453-1100

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Do Date Night at Providence's Cafe Nuovo Near Avalon at Center Place in Providence

Risotto stuffed with sea scallops. A 10-ounce cut of beef tenderloin. Bread pudding accented with banana and chocolate. At Cafe Nuovo in Providence, decadence takes many forms—but they're all edible.

Situated just a short distance away from Avalon at Center Place, Cafe Nuovo manages to marry cuisines from all over the world: European fare, Asian food, Pacific Island eats, and even classic American dishes. In addition to the aforementioned dishes, its chefs also adeptly craft popular crab cakes, veal scaloppine, and a lemon-tinged cheesecake. They're all presented beautifully, according to patrons, and carried out by an ever-attentive and friendly staff.

In fact, many locals say that Cafe Nuovo is an ideal place to go for a date night or special occasion thanks to its top-notch service and upscale ambience. That means meals can get a bit pricey, but patrons insist that the quality of your experience will make the splurge worth it.

Cafe Nuovo
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 421-2525

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Tip C Cupcakes Near Avalon at Center Place in Providence Serves Alcohol-Infused Sweet Treats

Have you ever thought about combining sweets and alcohol, as in using alcohol to make sweets? The idea might sound unusual, but Tip C Cupcakes has been doing it for some time now. Most of the treats are infused with alcohol, but the youngsters can indulge in some virgin cupcakes at this North Providence eatery.

Check out the menu to see which flavors will satisfy your taste buds. How does devil's red velvet with coffee creme liqueur sound? Perhaps you'd prefer the Dirty Rich with lemon vodka or the butter-scotch with butterscotch vodka. There are plenty more flavors to choose from. The cupcakes come in small, medium, or large sizes. Although cupcakes are the main attraction, creme brulee, petite cheesecakes, and dipped strawberries, among other items, are also available. The next time you host a gathering at Avalon at Center Place, head to Tip C Cupcakes to pick up some treats for your sweets table.

Tip C Cupcakes (CLOSED)
1270 Mineral Spring Avenue
North Providence, RI 02904
(401) 305-3503

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