Corporate responsibility


As we strive to create a better way to live and be a force for positive change, we are committed to efforts that make AvalonBay more innovative and sustainable. Our corporate responsibility initiatives make our values visible, and drive significant improvements in our utility spend and the environmental impact of our communities. In addition, our strategic approach to philanthropy ensures that we make smart, long-term investments in the communities in which we do business. Perhaps most importantly, we look to invest for the long term so that our residents can be proud of those same communities, and enjoy a better way to live.

I encourage you to read more about our corporate responsibility accomplishments and plans in our annual CR Report.


We take great pride in being good stewards of our investors’ capital, providing career opportunities to our associates, and acting as long-term partners in the local communities where we build and operate and where our residents live.

As a REIT, we are owners and investors for the long term, allowing us to consider the full lifecycle impact of our decisions. We are also an integrated company, with in-house development, construction management, property management and finance capabilities. This puts us in a better position to manage for sustainability compared to merchant builders or active asset traders. Our approach aligns with our core values - a spirit of caring, a commitment to integrity and a focus on continuous improvement - and our associates are justly proud of the contributions they make in the lives of our residents and communities.

By its very nature, our sector of the real estate industry is resource efficient, and we are impressed with the pace at which our markets are transforming. The cities and infill suburbs in our core markets are reinventing themselves and offering residents more options for sustainable living, from green building and walkable neighborhoods to better transit and bike-commuting alternatives. We are proud to be leaders in sustainability and corporate responsibility as evidenced by our sector leadership and GreenStar awarded by the Global Real-Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).