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Our communities are in some of the most attractive markets in the country and many of them incorporate a commercial component. These mixed-use communities transform the urban experience, creating value throughout the neighborhood by helping business owners thrive, starting with our residential community, a unique built-in customer base. We believe that the ground floor is not only an amenity to our residents but a collaboration with retailers to provide everyday services, unique entertainment, and food and beverage experiences for the neighborhood.

Create a Better Way to Live, Together

Retail partners, both local and national, are an important component to our communities in helping us deliver our mission to create a better way to live for our residents and the local neighborhood.

Join other Retailers in our Communities

Our retail and commercial spaces are in major markets on the East and West Coast, Denver, and Texas. Our opportunity is to create unique communities while helping develop and grow small businesses while expanding regional concepts.


For information on how to lease retail space at an AvalonBay community contact our retail experts: retailsupport@avalonbay.com or call 703.317.4740