Live simply, without sacrifice.
When your life’s constantly in motion, your home is a place to press pause. Kanso apartments remove the distractions, focus on what you need, and deliver the value you deserve. Welcome to Kanso—simplicity without sacrifice.
Find your home with us.
Convenience opens new possibilities. That’s why wherever you find a Kanso community, you know it’s in a place chosen for its convenient access to local grocery stores, shops, restaurants, entertainment, fitness studios, parks, and transportation.
Experience Kanso.
At Kanso, modern comforts stay true to who you are. Independent and in control. Smart and seamlessly connected. Here, the essentials are automated to give you autonomy. Enjoy a contemporary apartment community that offers everything you need and nothing you don’t.
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Modern features.

Home is where you-time begins. A spacious apartment with clean lines and contemporary finishes is where you’re in charge—your retreat, and if needed, a place to work in comfort. And our smart home technology keeps you effortlessly in control whenever you’re out.
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Access, not excess.

Your life isn’t just your apartment, your apartment simply provides the things you need to live your life. Kanso is about giving you what you need—not what you don’t—so you can live how you like day in and day out. (Features vary by location.)
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Personal space.

Your living space is your own private refuge. We get it. That's why our professional maintenance team comes by just enough to assist when needed and ensure everything is going smoothly. Our remote customer support team is also available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have. So you have the space you need to feel perfectly at home.
Why our residents choose Kanso.