28 LEED, EnergyStar and NAHB certifications as of March 2016

Environmental responsibility is core to our business and a critical part of developing sustainable communities. This is why we integrate our sustainability initiatives with our design, development, construction and operations processes. Our 2020 environmental goals, established with a 2013 baseline, are to reduce our like-for-like energy and water use intensity by 15%. And in 2016 we launched a new policy requiring all new mid- and high-rise developments to pursue a 3rd party environmental certification (e.g., LEED, EnergyStar). Read more about it in our press release.

In 2016, for the first time ever, we had our energy, emissions, water and waste data as well as the data collection processes and procedures independently verified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). LRQA, a part of Lloyd’s Register Group Limited, is a leading provider of independent assessment services including certification, validation, verification and training across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes, with recognition from over 50 accreditation bodies around the world.

AvalonBay CY 2016 - Assurance Statement

AvalonBay CY 2016 - Verification Report

AvalonBay CY 2015 Assurance Statement

AvalonBay CY 2015 Verification-Report

As of May 2017, we had a total of 38 certifications across all our apartment communities: 27 LEED, 9 Energy Star, one NAHB Green and one NJ Energy Efficient Home. In 2017 we are pursuing 22 new environmental certifications.


AVA 55 Ninth (LEED Gold)
AVA Ballard (LEED Certified)
AVA Capital Hill (LEED Silver)
AVA High Line (LEED Gold)
AVA Little Tokyo (LEED for Homes Gold)
AVA Queen Anne (LEED Silver)
Avalon Alderwood I (LEED for Homes Certified)
Avalon Alderwood II (LEED for Homes Silver)
Avalon Baker Ranch (LEED for Homes Silver)
Avalon Dublin Station I (LEED for Homes Mid Rise Silver)
Avalon Dublin Station II (LEED for Homes Mid Rise Silver)
Avalon Glendora (LEED for Homes Gold)
Avalon Hayes Valley (LEED for Homes Platinum)
Avalon Huntington Beach (LEED for Homes Gold)
Avalon Irvine II (LEED for Homes Silver)
Avalon Irvine III (LEED for Homes Gold)
Avalon at Mission Bay III (LEED Certified)
Avalon Morrison Park (LEED for Homes Silver)
Avalon North Station (LEED Silver)
Avalon Ocean Avenue (LEED for Homes Multi-Family Gold)
Avalon Potomac Yard (LEED Silver)
Studio 77 (LEED for Homes Mid Rise Gold)
Avalon Towers Bellevue (LEED Silver)
Avalon Vista (LEED for Homes Silver)
Avalon Walnut Creek (LEED Certified)
Avalon West Chelsea (LEED Gold)


Avalon Rockville Centre (Bronze Level)


Avalon Roseland