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Plan a Date Night at Bistro Provence Just a Short Distance From AVA Burbank

You've managed to gather some information about the date you're taking out this weekend. You know that France is a place that she's always wanted to visit and that she's a hopeless romantic. With that being said, you are trying to plan a thoughtful and relaxing night out. Here's a suggestion: make reservations at Bistro Provence, an eatery that offers an intimate setting and a taste of France. The best part is that you don't have to travel very far from AVA Burbank to enjoy a meal at this Burbank establishment.

Get started with the classic French onion soup. You can expect it to be authentic and made just right here—crunchy on top, extra cheesy, and full of flavor. Seafood lovers will enjoy the bouillabaisse, a marinated mussel dish. You don't want to overindulge during dinner because there are plenty of desserts to enjoy. Try the chocolate truffle a la mode, topped with a berry sauce.

Bistro Provence
345 N. Pass Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 840-9050

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Skip Dinner at AVA Burbank and Let TAP Buns and Bowls Take Over

TAP Buns and Bowls sprang from "the desire to share Asian street food to a wide range of people"—at least, that's what its website says. TAP accomplishes its aim, according to a slew of positive Yelp reviews. Many of them mention TAP's approach to building Asian dishes, citing Chipotle as a fitting comparison.

Similar to Chipotle, TAP Buns and Bowls lets patrons completely customize their rice-based bowls as they work their way down an assembly line. Start with rice and add on some natural meats, tofu, or other ingredients as they show up along the line. You should pair your bowl with steamed buns. Chefs fill them with everything from meatballs to chicken satay, and they come with mango slaw or salad. Make the quick trip from AVA Burbank to TAP Bun and Bowls for a taste of the Asian street food served here.

TAP Buns and Bowls
1001 N. San Fernando Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 736-5037

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Spend Some Time Browsing the Items at Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities Near AVA Burbank

Those looking for antiques, collectibles, and vintage items should spend some time checking out the merchandise at Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities. Whether you're looking for something particular or you'd like to walk aimlessly around the store and check out the trinkets, this Burbank store can meet your needs.

Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities, located just a short distance from AVA Burbank, resides in a small space, but there is so much to see, according to regulars. Check out the collection of Ouija boards, taxidermy animals, magazines, clothing, collectibles, old books, kitchen accessories, vinyl records, typewriters, cameras, and toys, among other items. Make sure to take a look at the vintage laboratory equipment and syringes in the back room, which is modeled after the hit television series American Horror Story. There's also a separate corner of the store where old-school items such as board games, Nintendo games, and Marvel cards can be found.

Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities
3005 W. Magnolia Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91505
(323) 696-5219

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Find Some Fresh Air in Burbank at Johnny Carson Park Near AVA Burbank

Burbank, California is better known for its sound stages and TV studios than its natural spaces, but Johnny Carson Park brings a bit of the great outdoors to the commercial area near AVA Burbank. Just a stone's throw from NBC and Providence Hospital, the park boasts plenty of picture-ready spots swimming in fresh air.

Complete with a rock-lined stream and grassy lawn, Johnny Carson Park attracts all types of visitors. Some folks come here to get a workout on the push-up benches and pull-up bars. Others bring a picnic spread and claim one of the tables. Guests also enjoy the swing sets and lounge in the shade. Many locals say that the park is perhaps one of the best spots around for a photo shoot, so don't be surprised if you see one unfolding at this Burbank spot.

Johnny Carson Park
400 South Bob Hope Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

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Spumante Restaurant Near AVA Burbank: North Hollywood's Classic Italian Bistro

Steamed asparagus in a perfectly tangy vinaigrette serves as an excellent way to open a meal at Spumante Restaurant. Not only is the light dish well-seasoned and tasty, but also it represents the larger list of Italian dishes you'll find on the menu at North Hollywood's Spumante.

In terms of starters, customers also like the elephant garlic on toast with pesto and goat cheese. Once you've warmed up, move on to pasta or pizza for the main course. The linguine diavolo is tossed with a fiery marinara sauce, and the ravioli is stuffed with lobster. If you're looking for a larger entree, Spumante also offers veal picatta, New York strip steak, and lamb chops smothered with rosemary sauce. The dishes all await just a short drive away from AVA Burbank, so make the quick trip the next time you don't feel like cooking at home.

Spumante Restaurant
11049 Magnolia Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 508-7716

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