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Sky High Sports Near AVA Newport: Where Bouncing Off the Walls is Encouraged

If the kids seem to be bouncing off the walls at AVA Newport, take them to Sky High Sports where they can literally bounce off the walls. In fact, jumping off of the floors and walls, which are made of trampolines, is encouraged at this Costa Mesa attraction. Kids can get active, release energy, and have fun at this bouncy playground.

You could always swing by with the kids during open jump sessions or you could let Sky High host your next birthday party or fundraising event. Sky High Sports isn't just for kids, though. Adults can hold a teambuilding event here or play a dodgeball game on the trampolines. Check out the 50-minute AlRobics class, a low-impact, fat-burning workout session that takes place on the trampolines.

There's a snack bar on-site so break for lunch and enjoy wings, soft pretzels, pizza, or churros as well as drinks like tea and Naked Juice.

Sky High Sports

2970 Airway Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 437-5867

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Climb to the Top at Rockreation Just a Short Distance From AVA Newport

If you’re in the mood to go rock climbing, but don’t feel like braving the elements, head to Rockreation in Costa Mesa. The indoor facility features 12,000 square feet of climbing walls. Explore the bouldering area, top rope, or lead climbing terrain.

Rockreation, which is located just a short distance from AVA Newport, welcomes climbers of all ability levels. Bring your own equipment or rent a harness, shoes, chalk, and a belay device. Discover the area on your own or sign up for one of the classes. Beginners can opt for the intro to climbing class while the lead climbing and advanced movement classes cater to the more experienced guests. If you’d prefer more of a small-group setting or one-on-one attention, private instruction as well as personal coaching is an option. Rockreation also offers yoga classes and has cardio equipment and free weights on site.


1300 Logan Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 556-7625

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Goat Hill Junction Railroad: Go for a Train Ride Near AVA Newport

If you're looking for something to do near AVA Newport on the third Saturday of the month, you're in luck. That's when the Orange County Model Engineers host 15-minute train rides through Costa Mesa. Hop on board at the Goat Hill Junction Railroad and enjoy the sights and sounds during your train ride.

There is no cost to ride the train, but donations are greatly appreciated. In fact, the Orange County Model Engineers have relied on donations to run the Goat Hill Junction Railroad since the group was formed in 1977. Once aboard the train, passengers can expect to travel on five miles of track. The 7.5-inch gauge, steam-powered model trains follow a mini railway that wraps around Fairview Park. Guests can catch a ride from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and spend some time at the Goat Hill Junction Station store before or after the ride.

Goat Hill Junction Railroad

2480 Placentia Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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Ra Yoga Near AVA Newport in Costa Mesa: Yoga for All Stages of Motherhood—and More

Ra Yoga makes balancing motherhood and fitness easy. Not only does this Costa Mesa yoga studio provide childcare for its students, but also it leads prenatal yoga classes that are perfect for expecting mothers with burgeoning bellies.

Of course, you don't have to be a mother (or mother-to-be) to take advantage of the classes at Ra Yoga. The studio, which actually contains two classrooms, holds a variety of sessions for every level of ability. Try the hot yoga if you're looking for a more challenging practice. True to its name, hot yoga unfolds in a studio heated to 110 degrees for even deeper bending. You can also tone your core at Yogalates, a blend of yoga and Pilates that focuses as much on strengthening the abs as it does the rest of the body. The varied classes are all available within a short drive of AVA Newport.

Ra Yoga

3077 Bristol Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 708-3060

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At Ramen Yamadaya Near AVA Newport, Chefs are Serious About Soup

A special stove heats to scorching, boiling the broth atop it at equally sweltering temperatures. The excessive heat is necessary to extract every last bit of flavor from pork bones. The grueling process takes about 20 hours, but at the end of it, chefs at Ramen Yamadaya have their signature tonkotsu broth ready to craft into soups.

Well, almost ready. Chefs still need to filter the broth and free if of any lingering bits, then add the noodles. The razor-thin noodles only take a mere 45 seconds to cook, so it shouldn't take long for chefs to craft your bowl of ramen soup after the broth has been prepared. Order fixings such as dried seaweed, seasoned egg, sliced pork meat, or bamboo shoot to flavor your bowl. According to trusted publications like the L.A. Times and OC Weekly, you won't be disappointed with your dish. The ramen soups await just a short trip away from AVA Newport.

Ramen Yamadaya

1175 Baker Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 556-0091

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