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Cosmos Coffee Cafe: A True Neighborhood Establishment Near Eaves La Mesa

Cosmos Coffee Cafe is a true neighborhood establishment. Located in La Mesa Village, the cafe is a regular hangout for many locals. In addition, many of the products are sourced from the surrounding community. Make the short trip from Eaves La Mesa to Cosmos Coffee Cafe and you might just find yourself stopping by more often for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Cosmos Coffee Cafe is making an effort to become a completely green cafe. For instance, ceramic cups are used to serve diners who stay and enjoy their drinks, while those on the go are offered a travel mug. So you can stop in and enjoy a cup of coffee or a bite to eat knowing the cafe cares about the environment.

When it comes to the coffee, all of the beans are locally roasted. As far as the food, breakfast is served all day, even when it's traditionally time for lunch or dinner. Enjoy a breakfast plate or a sandwich prepared on freshly baked bread while admiring the work from local artists that hangs on the walls.

Cosmos Coffee Cafe
8278 La Mesa Boulevard
La Mesa, CA 91941
(619) 698-4217

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Antica Trattoria Near Eaves La Mesa: Fresh Italian Food

Like any good Italian feast, meals at Antica Trattoria all begin with complimentary freshly baked bread. Balsamic dip and a dab of pesto come with the slices of warm bread for dipping. Pace yourself with the bread, though, because it's just the beginning of your filling Italian meal at Antica Trattoria.

The La Mesa eatery serves everything from classic Italian pasta to fancy seafood dishes, and customers seem to enjoy almost all of them. Try the sea bass crowned with shrimp and mushrooms, the mussels and clams served in champagne-saffron broth, or the short ribs accompanied by veggies and polenta. Ask your server for a recommendation from the wine list, which features more than enough pours to have something that complements every entree. The Italian food and drink awaits just a short trip away from Eaves La Mesa, so swing by any night for dinner.

Antica Trattoria
5654 Lake Murray Boulevard
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 463-9919

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Explore the World Beyond Eaves La Mesa at San Diego's Mission Trails Regional Park

San Diego has the advantage of residing in notoriously beautiful California, so even city dwellers have options for outdoor recreation nearby. Mission Trails Regional Park is one of those options. At an impressive 5,800 acres, the expansive park sits conveniently close to Eaves La Mesa, making it an ideal spot for a day trip.

While some of the space is completely untouched, other parts are developed just enough to allow for biking, hiking, and even geocaching. Check out its 40-plus miles of trails to find your perfect place of solitude. The trails weave in and out of various terrain, including spots where rock-climbers can scale stone faces. Be warned that, around midday, many locals take to the trails for a lunchtime walk or hike. So if you're looking to avoid the crowds, go in the morning or evening.

Mission Trails Regional Park
1355 H Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 388-4055

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Pete's Place Near Eaves La Mesa: Cheap Drinks in a Laid-Back Neighborhood Atmosphere

Pete's Place is the kind of bar that has regulars, according to Yelp reviewers. That's probably thanks to its friendly, welcoming staff and array of options for food and entertainment. Many reviewers mention the juke box, which sets the soundtrack at Pete's Place with a variety of tunes on tap. They also note that you can play pool for free at Pete's Place during the day (25 cents per game at night), a draw that seems to attract a handful of guests.

The regular drink specials also appeal to patrons. It's common to grab a beer for $3 or a cocktail for $3.50. What's more, you can often enjoy your drink to the tune of live music from La Mesa's own local talents. The popular neighborhood dive bar has all the components for a fun, laid-back night out during the week and a rowdier outing on the weekend. Make the short drive from Eaves La Mesa to Pete's Place any day to experience what it has to offer.

Pete's Place
8330 La Mesa Boulevard
La Mesa, CA 91941
(619) 464-9535

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La Mesa's Two Sisters and Ewe Near Eaves La Mesa: Founded by a Pair of Yarn-Loving Siblings

Two Sisters and Ewe's playful, creative name refers to the pair of sisters who founded the La Mesa shop. They still own and run the store today, so they continue to share their love of knitting with the neighborhoods surrounding Two Sisters and Ewe, including Eaves La Mesa.

Of course, folks come from all over La Mesa to stock up on the supplies at Two Sisters and Ewe. Its impressive roster of yarns run the gamut from cheap but durable to extravagant and soft. If you're in need of new needles, Two Sisters and Ewe has those, too, as well as looms and spinning wheels. Those who aren't well-versed in knitting yet can attend a class at Two Sisters and Ewe to learn more about the craft or even pick up crocheting.

Two Sisters and Ewe
8874 La Mesa Boulevard
La Mesa, CA 94142
(619) 460-8103

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