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Bread and Cie Near Eaves Mission Ridge: Where the Prep is Just as Important as the Final Product

The folks at Bread and Cie take just as much pride in the bread-making process as they do in the final product. Every loaf of bread at this San Diego Bakery is made fresh daily with all-natural ingredients, including flour.

If you're in need of a loaf to serve with dinner tonight at Eaves Mission Ridge or you want to bring the bread to a gathering with friends, swing by Bread and Cie first. You and you dinner guests will certainly taste the difference in the way this bread is made. The natural starters used to make the dough rise have a way of highlighting the flavors of the grains. The final product is a crusty bread with a soft inside and flavor all around. You could also stop by for lunch and grab one of the sandwiches, all of which are served on the freshly baked bread. Sandwiches are available for breakfast and lunch, and salads and soups are also served in the cafe.

Bread and Cie
350 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 683-9322

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Reading Cinemas Town Square 14 Near Eaves Mission Ridge: From Classics to Contemporary Blockbusters

You might not be able to accurately guess the age of Reading Cinemas Town Square 14. Despite the fact that it's a bit older than other area theaters, it still features contemporary equipment like recently built megaplexes. Enjoy one of its 13 screenings in the modern theaters, where you can enjoy all the classic concessions from Reading Cinemas' snack stand.

Located not far from Eaves Mission Ridge, the movie theater shows an array of films. From indie movies and classic films to the latest blockbusters, comedies, and family-friendly flicks, its roster of movies should have something to suit nearly every age and taste. Come for its monthly matinees if you're interested in checking out a cult film or classic—the film changes monthly. Students should take advantage of Reading Cinemas Town Square 14's student days, when they can snag a discount if they show a student ID.

Reading Cinemas Town Square 14
4665 Clairemont Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 274-9994

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Kitchen 4140 Near Eaves Mission Ridge: Food Plucked Fresh From the Eatery's Own Gardens

Kitchen 4140 doesn't have to look far for its organic ingredients. The San Diego restaurant has its own gardens, where staff can reap fresh ingredients for the day. Other local farmers and purveyors augment the pull from Kitchen 4140's gardens, resulting in a slate of fresh produce and food that's all been raised organically.

The ingredients are destined for simple eats like sandwiches. Customers give the highest marks to the beer-braised short ribs sandwich, which features Asian slaw, mango chutney, and two slices of roasted pepper bread. The menu also showcases crisp salads and hearty pastas for lunch or dinner, the latter of which is only served Wednesdays through Saturdays. Kitchen 4140 is also well-known for its brunch, so head here on the weekend for a sweet or savory bite in the morning. The fresh American food awaits just a short drive away from Eaves Mission Ridge.

Kitchen 4140
1355 H Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 388-4055

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Cuppa Cuppa Drive Thru Espresso Bar in San Diego: Convenient, Quality Coffee Near Eaves Mission Ridge

It would be easy to miss Cuppa Cuppa Drive Thru Espresso Bar. The establishment amounts to a single small building in the parking lot of a Mission Gorge Road strip mall. Regulars say you'd be making a big mistake if you passed it by, though. According to Yelp reviewers, this modest drive-through coffee house is one of the best near Eaves Mission Ridge—with nearly 100 reviews, Cuppa Cuppa's average rating is five out of five stars.

Owner Cynthia has a reputation for being extremely friendly. One Yelper recalls how Cynthia offered to make whatever she wanted despite the fact that Cuppa Cuppa was closed when she visited. However, the whole team at Cuppa Cuppa can whip up an exceptional cup of coffee. In addition to the traditional drinks, Cuppa Cuppa also serves mochas, Vietnamese coffee, and seasonal beverages such as white chocolate peppermint and pumpkin spice. Grab a punch card to earn free coffee in the future.

Cuppa Cuppa Drive Thru Espresso Bar
6606 Mission Gorge Road
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 852-4959

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Canada Steak Burger: One of San Diego's Best Gyros, Not Far From Eaves Mission Ridge

Canada Steak Burger's starring entree may be its namesake burger, but a good chunk of its nearly 400 Yelp reviewers insist that the steak burgers are just a small part of what you'll find on the menu here. In fact, a large portion of the reviewers point to Canada Steak Burger's gyro as the best item on the menu.

If you're craving a gyro, Canada is just a short trip away from Eaves Mission Ridge. Head here for the same American and Mediterranean food that Canada Steak Burger has been serving up for more than three decades. In addition to the gyros, Canada Steak Burger also delivers a popular pita, kebabs, and even barbecue spare ribs and chicken fajitas. They're all reasonably priced and made fresh when you order, so the eatery is a solid place to stop for dinner any night of the week.

Canada Steak Burger
3604 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 283-4345

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