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Dine at Range Near AVA Nob Hill and Enjoy Contemporary American Cuisine

Phil and Cameron West have been involved in the restaurant business for quite some time. These days, the Wests own and run Range, a San Francisco eatery that serves contemporary American cuisine. Mission diners have been frequenting this restaurant since it opened in 2005 thanks to the friendly and accommodating staff, warm and welcoming ambiance, and of course, the well-prepared food.

If you're hanging out at AVA Nob Hill and trying to find a new restaurants for dinner, make the short trip to Range. Get started with an appetizer such as the soup, the pasta, or the more creative poached farm egg with potatoes and bacon. When it's time to decide on a main course, consider the seared California yellowtail and slow-cooked lamb or the tender pork shoulder seasoned with coffee. You could always just stop by for a drink, too, or enjoy a glass of wine or specialty cocktail with your meal. Try the Mad Hatter with bourbon, Creole bitters, and maple.

1700 Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 474-2866

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Kiss Seafood Near AVA Nob Hill: Fish Dishes Made With Japanese Cooking Techniques

For fresh seafood with a Japanese spin, plan on dining at Kiss Seafood. The San Francisco eatery offers a variety of fish dishes that are prepared using Japanese cooking techniques. Whether you want to take your significant other out to a nice meal or you’re looking to impress your friends by picking the restaurant this week, consider Kiss Seafood.

The choices here are plentiful and the sushi satisfies even the pickiest of eaters. There are plenty of sushi rolls and sashimi options, which feature octopus, tuna, yellowtail, and geoduck. If you’re planning a special meal, go for the omakase, which is the chef’s choice. Guests say the eight-course meal is a great value and such a treat for your taste buds. You might get started with the mushroom broth with egg custard, radish salad, thinly sliced abalone, or the pickled onion. That’s only the beginning; the dishes that follow are just as appealing.

Kiss Seafood
1700 Laguna St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 474-2866

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Impress Your Date With Dinner at BIX Just a Short Distance From AVA Nob Hill

For upscale cuisine accompanied by jazz performances, plan a night out at BIX. This San Francisco restaurant is a popular place to take a date for dinner given the romantic and intimate setting. However, BIX, which is located just a short distance from AVA Nob Hill, also serves lunch.

If you do decide to stop by midday, check out the menu that features a smoked duck and ham sandwich, deviled eggs, and salmon and steak tartare. The dinner menu offers a variety of appetizers and entrees that guests rave about. Start with the mini lamb burgers with cucumber and harissa or the potato pillows with creme fraiche and caviar. For the main course, consider the Pacific swordfish, black truffle cheeseburger, or the lobster spaghetti. If you'd like to order a drink to go with your dish, opt for the Bloody Mary or the Jack Rose with grenadine, lemon juice, and applejack brandy.

56 Gold Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 433-6300

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Bring the Dog Along to Fort Funston National Park Near AVA Nob Hill

Don't hesitate to bring your dog along to Fort Funston National Park. Canines are not only allowed, but welcomed at this San Francisco space. Many of the trails weaving in and out of the park's foliage and bluffs are easy enough to be tackled by both human and four-legged friends, so leash up and lead your pet on a fun hike or stroll.

If you don't have a dog, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of this park near AVA Nob Hill. Hang gliders regularly soar down over the 200-foot bluffs. Watch them while you take a jog on the trails or trot along them on horseback. Fort Funston National Park also boasts a native plant nursery, so if you're interested in learning more about the foliage that springs up around San Francisco, explore the nursery for some answers.

Fort Funston National Park
Skyline Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 561-4323

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Zanze's Cheesecake: Light, Fluffy Cheesecakes for Your Next Party at AVA Nob Hill

Zanze's Cheesecake in San Francisco is such a casual bakery that it doesn't even have an official website. Its simple menu board reads quickly, only containing a few options. However, nearly 600 Yelp reviews shed some light on the real state of things at Zanze's. Although the shop may look modest, it delivers some of the best cheesecake anywhere near AVA Nob Hill.

So airy and fluffy that you could easily eat an entire one yourself, the cheesecakes at Zanze's are probably better to share with friends. Take home a full cake crowned with blueberry or raspberry compote, shaved chocolate, or even sour cherries. Although you'll have to splurge a bit to serve one of these at your next dinner party, the sheer quality of the cake (and the compliments you'll surely receive) should make it well worth the money. Make sure you bring cash, though, since Zanze's doesn't accept cards.

Zanze's Cheesecake
2405 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94127
(415) 334-2264

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