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Gayle's Perks Near Avalon Woodland Hills: Fresh Coffee and Baked Goods to Match

At Gayle's Perks, the atmosphere is almost as warm as the coffee. That's largely thanks to Gayle's baristas, who are known for being both friendly and highly skilled at their craft. They whip up gourmet coffee drinks using freshly brewed java, so you can get more than just a simple cup of coffee at Gayle's—although straight java is certainly an option.

Grab a cup to go, or sit down for breakfast. Many customers like to enjoy one of Gayle's crepes for breakfast. You can also come in for lunch, when simple paninis and salads are on the menu. If you're just craving something sweet to go with your cup of joe, try one of the baked goods. The cookies, in particular, garner acclaim among patrons, and not just for their flavors. Locals also love that they're decorated so beautifully by Gayle's staff. Make the quick drive from Avalon Woodland Hills to Gayle's Perks for a sweet and a cup of coffee.

Gayle’s Perks
9028 Balboa Boulevard
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 893-6507

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Grab a Burger or Steak at Claim Jumper Near Avalon Woodland Hills

Eating at Claim Jumper is akin to eating outdoors. The Northridge eatery brings massive Douglas Fir logs, other natural and finished woods, and rock inside. Pressed and corrugated tin accentuate the natural pieces in its dining room, culminating in a rustic aesthetic that matches Claim Jumper's American fare.

One of 43 locations in 9 different states, the Claim Jumper near Avalon Woodland Hills has a lofty reputation to uphold. It does so with a large menu of eclectic food that ranges from steaks and seafood to burgers and sandwiches. Come by to grab a burger and catch a game on the bar's TVs, sip a cocktail and nibble on soft pretzel sticks and calamari, or snag a table and stay for dinner. You can always indulge in barbecue baby back ribs or grilled mahi mahi, but the menu also features some more casual fare like the chicken pot pie, the hickory barbecue burger, and the tri-tip sandwich.

Claim Jumper
9429 Tampa Avenue
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 718-2882

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California Chicken Cafe: Enjoy a Home-Style Meal Just a Short Trip From Avalon Woodland Hills

If you're in the mood for chicken — make that juicy, flavorful, rotisserie chicken — plan on dining at California Chicken Cafe. You can enjoy a home-style meal minus the hassle of cooking and cleanup at this Northridge eatery. Don't bother dirtying the oven and spending hours in the kitchen after a long day at work, let California Chicken Cafe handle dinner tonight.

You could always stop in for lunch, too, considering the restaurant is located just a short distance from Avalon Woodland Hills. Start your meal with the popular vegetable soup or a salad. Also on the menu are wraps, which, of course, are loaded with chicken in addition to vegetables. You can decide how much chicken you'd like depending on the size of your appetite. Opt for a quarter, half, or whole bird and add on a side such as the hot potatoes. Dine at California Chicken Cafe or order your food to-go Mondays through Saturdays.

California Chicken Cafe
18445 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 700-9977

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Cafe Graikos: Greek Food for All, Not Far From Avalon Woodland Hills

Whether you love meat, you stick strictly to vegetables, or you don't even touch eggs and dairy, Cafe Graikos in Northridge can accommodate you. Since the eatery serves Greek food, a style of cuisine that innately relies heavily upon vegetables, it's easy for chefs to make meat- and animal-product-free dishes for vegetarians and vegans with only a few minor tweaks (or maybe none at all).

The cafe's vegetarian platter, for instance, showcases plant-based dishes like vegetable stew, lentil pilaf, and stuffed baked eggplants. If you do enjoy meat, try the lemon chicken soup (known as avgolemono) or the souvlaki chicken sandwich. The latter contains chunks of chicken that have been marinated and grilled, and then stuffed inside pita with tzatziki sauce. Snag one of these dishes or another authentic Greek eat at Cafe Graikos, located just a stone's throw from Avalon Woodland Hills.

Cafe Graikos
19346 Rinaldi Street
Northridge, CA 91346
(818) 831-1187

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Hemangini Beauty Care Near Avalon Woodland Hills Offers Facials, Hair Massages and Threading

If you're in need of some pampering or a makeover, let Hemangini Beauty Care serve you. The Northridge establishment near Avalon Woodland Hills has built a large and loyal customer base thanks to the variety and quality of services offered at this salon, which is located inside a house. Give this place a try and you might just find yourself coming back time and time again.

Many patrons venture to Hemangini Beauty Care for threading, which is quick, easy, and less painful than waxing. Does your complexion need a refresher? Opt for a fruit and herbal facial, which encourages the shredding of damaged cells on the skin's outer layer. Those who want to relax might enjoy a hot oil hair massage, which conditions and invigorates the scalp. If you'd like to add a little bit of character to your skin, get a temporary henna tattoo.

Hemangini Beauty Care
8961 Etiwanda Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 709-7092

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