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The Best Parks Near Avalon Roseland

The suburban community of Roseland, New Jersey is an idyllic paradise, with tree-lined streets perfect for jogging and nearby spacious parks that mean you will always have plenty of opportunities to get outside and have fun. Plus, there’s nothing better after a long, snowy winter than getting outdoors and enjoying fresh air in the park!

Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor options very close to your beautiful apartment home. Here are some of the best parks near Avalon Roseland.

Just steps from your front door is Becker Park. With almost 147 acres of recreational area, this park just off of Eagle Rock Avenue covers parts of Livingston and Roseland. The area is also connected to Riker Hill Art Park and Dinosaur Park to form the Riker Hill Complex. Recreational fields including soccer, basketball, baseball and softball are fun for all ages.

Other family friendly parks include the Harrison Complex on the east end of Roseland at 19 Harrison Avenue and Tedesco Park. Both are great places for youth soccer and Roseland residents in grades 1st through 8th are invited to participate in the programs. Younger residents of Avalon Roseland will also love the various sports camps such as soccer and baseball camp available at these locations.

Although it’s still chilly out now, swimsuit season is not too far away. The communities of East Hanover, Fairfield, Livingston, North Caldwell, & West Caldwell all offer Roseland Residents pool memberships. Kids can hang out with their friends from school all summer long at the community pool. Check with the Essex County Parks and Recreation site for pool schedules.

For those who enjoy the game of golf, Hendricks Field Golf Course at 220 Franklin Ave in nearby Belleville offers scenic landscapes, stimulating challenges, interesting holes, and upscale amenities. Hendricks Field Golf Course is one of three Essex County courses included in an over $7 million recent renovation. Irrigation, cart paths, bridges, reconstruction of tees and bunkers and an upgraded drainage system are just a few of the improvements made to enhance playing condition for all visitors. Depending how often you want to play, there are a number of membership options suitable for you.

At Avalon Roseland, you have the best of everything. The concrete jungle of New York City is an easy commute yet, parks and outdoor recreation activities are just outside your door. It truly is the ideal residential spot where you can have it all! Contact us today for leasing opportunities at this amazing property in the heart of Roseland.

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Residents Of Avalon Roseland

Although there might still be a chill in the air, getting started on your spring cleaning is one of the best ways to set the tone for a pleasurable living experience throughout your lease at Avalon Roseland.

Whether you decide to go through old clothes you haven’t worn for years or you tackle your closets and rid yourself of unwanted and burdensome household items, here are some spring cleaning tips that should help you get a jumpstart on freshening up your home!

Cleaning Out Closets

When it comes to your closets, the first step is deciding what stays and what goes. Begin cleaning by creating “Give Away” and “Throw Away” piles. Unless a piece of clothing has sentimental value, always follow the “Two Year Rule.” If you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it. It’s okay to be a little ruthless during your spring cleaning, otherwise you may hold on to things you don’t need or won’t ever use for far too long.

As you clean, take note of what items you are keeping and decide the best storage option for them. You may want to invest in new closet organizers and replace any mismatched hangers with new, sturdy matching ones.

Next Up: Dressers

Similar to closets, dressers can often become overcrowded and packed. However, a simple repositioning of the way you put each shirt in your drawer can make a world of difference. Consider folding and placing t-shirts in your dresser drawers vertically rather than the typical horizontal method. This not only keeps your drawers looking neat, but it also allows you to store more in each drawer.

DIY vs. Outsourcing

There’s no doubt that spring cleaning can be a lot of hard work and it isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather spend your free time doing anything else besides organizing your closets, there are a number of quality cleaning services near your upscale apartment at Avalon Roseland that will take on all your chores.

The Maids of Roseland is one such company. They have been in business for over 30 years providing domestic cleaning services. They can help organize your living space as well as eliminate dust and grime.

MaidPro Roseland is another trusted, local cleaning service that can help you with all of your spring cleaning needs. They will even clean your refrigerator for a nominal fee.

After a long winter, start the spring season off right with a good cleaning. You’ll love the way a clean, clutter-free upscale apartment home feels!

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Commuting to NYC From Roseland, NJ

When you live at Avalon Roseland, you have the best of both worlds. New York City is less than an hour away and the peaceful suburbs of Roseland, New Jersey are a beautiful place to call home. So when it comes to getting to and from New York City, there are a number of options to make your commute a breeze.

Roseland to New York City Via Train

Avalon Roseland is conveniently located close enough to the Montclair New Jersey transit train line so you can commute to NYC and arrive at the Port Authority train station in under an hour. Simply park your car at the Montclair train station and hop on the train! From the Port Authority, you can take the subway and smoothly reach any destination in NYC.

Roseland to New York City Via Bus

Along with the train, many residents of these one, two and three bedroom townhomes choose to take the bus from the Roseland town center into New York City. The commute on the bus is approximately 35 minutes with frequent buses traveling during the weekdays.

Taking the train or bus is a great way to easily commute to the city for work or pleasure without the hassle of parking in New York City. The parking at the Montclair train station or Roseland bus station is much less expensive, much easier, and some might even say safer, than parking in busy NYC. For your convenience, roundtrip tickets can be purchased at the train station. Purchasing tickets on the train often results in a surcharge. Once you are on the train or bus, simply sit back, relax and enjoy the commute into the city.

Roseland to New York City Via Car

For those who prefer to get behind the wheel themselves and drive or carpool into New York City, the commute can be done in under an hour. Simply take I-280E to the Newark-Jersey City Turnpike, through the Holland Tunnel and follow the signs to “Downtown.” From there you can head to work or wherever your destination may be.

As a resident of Avalon Roseland you will surely love how easy and convenient it is to get to New York City and surrounding destinations. Residents here have careers in a variety of industries and choose to live at Avalon Roseland because the trip into the city is so simple. Residents of this luxury apartment complex know they do not have to sacrifice their desire for the quiet, serene life of the suburbs because they have the luxury of a stress free commute.

If you are ready to enjoy the serenity of suburban living with the upscale amenities of and close proximity to the city, contact us at Avalon Roseland today!

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Floor Plans at Avalon Roseland

When you’re looking for the perfect apartment home, the final decision often comes down to finding the right size to fit your needs. Knowing what type of floor plan to look for simply involves considering your ideal living situation and what will be the most comfortable for you. Read all about the floor plans at Avalon Roseland below!

Avalon Roseland offers one, two, and three bedroom luxury apartments. With the exception of couples sharing a bedroom, in general, you will want to have one bedroom per occupant. Depending on the age of your children, they may be able to share a bedroom. However, keep in mind that when there is enough room for everyone, the household is often more peaceful. Most people find their living arrangement is easier when each child has their own room.

An individual or couple may find that a two bedroom apartment is appropriate if a home office or guest room is desired. By taking note of your lifestyle, comparing floor plans, and determining what makes sense for you, you will find the perfect size apartment.

For single individuals and couples, there are two floor plans from which to choose. Our cozier option is a one bedroom, one bathroom, 890 square foot unit. It is a charming size to fit your basic needs. Our bigger one bedroom, one bathroom is 1,001 square feet and is ideal for those individuals or couples who want the extra living space. A larger living room and bedroom allow you to comfortably spread out.

One thing to remember to consider when picking a floor plan, is the number of bathrooms. All of our one bedrooms offer one bathroom, while our two and three bedroom units offer 2.5 bathrooms. If you and your partner don’t want to share a bathroom, then a two bedroom might be the way to go!

When it comes to two bedroom units, we offer five different floor plans. All of which give you a wide range of sizing options to fit your needs. These units range from 1,391 square feet to 1,673 square feet with the large units offering a den as well. All of these units offer 2.5 bathrooms.

And, if it’s a three bedroom you’re looking for, our gorgeous three bedroom units are 1,399 square feet and also offer 2.5 bathrooms. The contemporary kitchen has an island in the center –perfect for entertaining.

While having the right number of bedrooms is the most important aspect of picking a floor plan, also remember to consider how much living space you need in your Roseland apartment home based on your furniture and other belongs. You may even want to get out your measuring tape to measure your bed, sofa, and dresser to ensure you get the right fit.

Choosing the right floor plan is a big decision that takes a lot of consideration. If you have any questions about the best Roseland apartment home for you, any one of us here is happy to help! We can offer suggestions and help find the perfect floor plan just for you!

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An Exclusive Neighborhood Guide to Roseland, NJ

Roseland, NJ is a serene, charismatic and prosperous community with plenty of fine dining, entertainment and culture. Residents of Avalon Roseland will enjoy living in a neighborhood with delightful shops, delicious eateries and numerous local activities for the whole family. One day here and you will see exactly what we mean. This special community is one of the best kept secrets on the east coast!

Once you are all moved in, one of the first stops you should consider making when exploring the area is Fairchild’s Market. This local favorite prides itself on the friendly, old-fashioned general store atmosphere complete with hardwood floors and pressed tin ceiling. Part gourmet deli, part wine shop and part gift shop, you will find a variety of flavors here. The market is a neighborhood favorite with fantastic sandwiches at reasonable prices, and the clean, spacious environment is ideal for a Saturday lunch. Be sure to take a look at all the fun gifts, chocolates and other treats for sale!

Speaking of neighborhood gems, Words Bookstore, is an independent bookstore located at 179 Maplewood Ave, with a number of literary treasures for the old and young. With limited editions, book signings and in-store activities, it is everything you would expect in this quaint, affluent community of educated residents. Here you will find engaging, unique reading materials to entertain a variety of interests. That bottle of wine you may have picked up at Fairchild’s Market will pair well with an evening curled up on the couch in your Avalon Roseland home and your new book.

Before heading home, be sure to stop in to BSavvy Boutique, an upscale consignment shop exclusive to Roseland, NJ. Located at 176 Eagle Rock Ave, you’ll find a constantly changing inventory of high-quality inventory. From vintage sundresses to designer handbags and boots, you’ll want to become a regular so you don’t miss a thing. Fashionistas from NYC and the surrounding area come to BSavvy to shop for sophisticated, premium clothing.

Although Roseland, NJ is less than 45 minutes away from New York City, with all the unique, high-end shopping and restaurants located in the neighborhood, you may find yourself staying close to home for all your designer clothing and upscale cuisine. When you live at Avalon Roseland, you will have so much fun exploring all the charming, cultural and exceptional local hot spots nearby. There is so much to do and discover here. Welcome to the area – we are so glad you are here!

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