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Catch a Variety of Films at the Impressive Angelika Film Center & Cafe at Mosaic Near Eaves Fair Lakes

If you'd like to catch a foreign, independent, or art house film, you don't even have to venture very far from Eaves Fair Lakes. That's because Angelika Film Center & Cafe at Mosaic features a variety of films in the impressive venue.

There's a lot to look at here before even turning your attention to the big screen. The two-story movie theater is quite the architectural masterpiece with its elegant chandeliers, stadium seating, and wall-to-wall windows. Each night, about six films are played in the theaters, which are complete with top-notch digital projection equipment and sound systems. With the cafe attached, there's always an option to enjoy a meal before or after the show. Grab a margherita pizza, kale salad, or panini to satisfy your appetite. If you'd prefer a smaller bite to eat during the movie, head to the concession stand, which sells gourmet snacks that are a step up from your typical movie theater popcorn.

Angelika Film Center & Cafe at Mosaic
2911 District Avenue
Fairfax, VA, 22031
(571) 512-3301

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Bakery, Bread & Grill Near Eaves Fair Lakes Brings Latin American Fare to Fairfax

If you've never tasted a chicken salteña before, it's probably time to pay a visit to Bakery, Bread & Grill in Fairfax. The Latin American restaurant garners the most acclaim for its chicken salteñas, a style of Bolivian pastry that oozes chicken and sweet-spicy sauce with every bite.

The salteña may be Bakery, Bread & Grill's best known menu item, but it's far from your only option. Bakery, Bread & Grill also showcases dishes such as Cuban sandwiches and Spanish-inspired seafood paella. Pick your favorite exotic dish and dig in amid the casual environment. The dining room caters to casual lunches and dinners with its collection of small wooden tables. You can also grab something from the bakery display case, which contains Latin American baked goods and breads, and take it back home to Eaves Fair Lakes for dinner.

Bakery, Bread & Grill
11186 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 691-2253

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Villa Mozart: Enjoy Gourmet Italian Fare Just a Short Trip From Eaves Fair Lakes

D.C. isn't wanting for restaurants and bars, and yet Biergarten House still stands out in the pack. That's because it boasts perhaps the largest collection of German beers anywhere in the city, and they're available not far from Avalon First and M.

At Villa Mozart, it isn't only the taste that matters. Head Chef Andrea Pace strives to make her dishes taste good and look good. With nearly 25 years of culinary experience, including working in popular restaurants all over the world, Pace knows how to please with her plates. The dishes at Villa Mozart in Fairfax are elegant-looking and feature gourmet Italian fare.

Make the short trip from Eaves Fair Lakes to Villa Mozart to enjoy lunch or dinner. Take advantage of the prix fixe menu complete with a three-course meal that is designed by the chef. If you stop by for lunch, get started with the seared calamari or the baby arugula salad. When it's time to decide on a main course, consider the flank steak with celery root puree, the quail stuffed with rabbit sausage, or the Berkshire pork loin. Pasta dishes such as the pumpkin gnocchi in sage and parmesan and the tortelli with rib meat and veal tarragon sauce are also on the menu.

Villa Mozart
4009 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 691-4747

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29th Parallel Coffee and Tea Near Eaves Fair Lakes: Owner Amir Knows Good Coffee

Many of 29th Parallel Coffee and Tea's customers refer to its owner by name. They have nothing but affection for Amir, who they say is as adept at crafting quality java as he is at chatting with patrons. Amir enlists the pour-over method to make his signature cups of coffee and, although it takes a bit longer than other brewing methods, most regulars say they'll never be able to go back to traditionally brewed coffee having sipped Amir's pour-overs. Amir also French-presses coffee if you prefer.

According to Yelp reviewers, the coffee is cheap and the cafe's atmosphere is comfortable. It provides complimentary Wi-Fi for its customers, so you can feel free to sit a while with your cup of joe and return e-mails or finish up an assignment. In addition to java, 29th Parallel also serves tea and many freshly baked pastries, so you'll have plenty of options at this cafe near Eaves Fair Lakes.

29th Parallel Coffee and Tea
10160 Fairfax Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 589-0802

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Yechon Near Eaves Fair Lakes in Fairfax: From Korean Barbecue to Japanese Maki

Yechon brings together the most popular aspects of Japanese and Korean food for a truly unique slate of offerings. It's located not far from Eaves Fair Lakes on Hummer Road in Annandale, and it dishes out breakfast, lunch, and dinner 24 hours a day. That gives you plenty of time to make the short trip there and sample some if its unique Asian fare.

It's easy to spot—just head for the neon signs. Once you're inside, dig into a heaping plate of Korean barbecue or more traditional Korean food. You can also opt for some of the Japanese eats, which are also served at lunch. The Japanese food includes specialty maki rolls, pan-fried dumplings, and beef noodle soups. You can sit down to enjoy the grub or take your feast back to Eaves Fair Lakes. Everything on the standard menu is also available for takeout at Yechon.

4121 Hummer Road
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 914-4646

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