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Sushi Zone Near Avalon RockMeadow: Grab a Roll or Two Off of the Conveyor Belt

You order your meal feeling confident it is the right choice. Then someone else's dish is placed on the table and you wish you'd ordered that instead. It happens too often when dining out. At Sushi Zone, you can get a look at your food before you order, so there's no second guessing. At this Bothell eatery, guests can get a glance at all of the sushi as it works its way around the conveyor belt and pick what looks the most appetizing.

If you and your friends are planning to go out for sushi, take them to Sushi Zone. It's a new, fun way to enjoy some fresh rolls, and the eatery is located just a short trip from Avalon RockMeadow. The rolls will glide right past your table, so it's up to you to snag one or let them keep rolling by. In addition to the impressive selection of classic sushi rolls, there are house specialties available. Don't let the spicy salmon with mango sauce, the uni, or the golden roll get past you.

Sushi Zone
10024 Main Street
Bothell, WA 98011
(425) 402-9988

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Viva Jalisco Mexican Restaurant Near Bothell's Avalon RockMeadow: Enjoy a Premium Margarita With Your Meal

Viva Jalisco Mexican Restaurant gets a lot of attention, in part, because of its drink selection. It's no wonder, considering the Bothell establishment boasts a Mexican beer and margarita menu that's likely to impress any guest. Viva Jaslisco, which is just a short trip from Avalon RockMeadow, also serves Mexican cuisine.

Stop by after work and enjoy a few drinks with your officemates or gather a group of friends and stay for dinner. The premium margarita selection is sure to grab your attention moments after you sit down. First, decide on a classic, ultimate, or Hawaiian margarita and then choose a flavor such as banana, strawberry, mango, raspberry, and peach. Once you've decided on a beverage, turn your attention to the food menu, which features seafood chimichangas, chicken taquitos, steak fajitas and veggie enchiladas and burritos, among other items. Regardless of whether you came here for the cuisine or the cocktails, you're sure to enjoy both.

Mexican Restaurant
1715 228th Street SE
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 481-3931

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Greek Pita Not Far From Avalon RockMeadow: Don't Miss the Gyros

The gyros at Greek Pita near Avalon RockMeadow have become this restaurant's signature item, and for good reason. Like everything else on the menu, the gyros are crafted according to generations-old family recipes brought to Bothell from Greece. The family behind Greek Pita has been cooking for more than 40 years, so you can trust that the recipes have evolved over that time into something nearly perfect.

At least, that seems to be the case according to many positive Yelp reviews. Customers like the classic gyro, a sandwich filled with beef and lamb, cucumbers, tomato, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce. You can also get a chicken gyro, if you prefer, or skip the gyros all together and try an entree. They include Greek spinach pie, falafel, and lamb shawarma. Cap your meal with some Turkish coffee, tinged with sugar and a sweet blend of Middle Eastern spices.

Greek Pita
18404 120th Avenue NE
Bothell, WA 98011
(425) 481-6810

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Feast on True Southern Barbecue at Carolina Smoke BBQ Shop Near Avalon RockMeadow in Bothell

Bothell is thousands of miles away from Charleston, S.C., but you wouldn't know it by the food served at Carolina Smoke BBQ Shop near Avalon RockMeadow. Step inside and close your eyes, and it's not hard to imagine you've been transported to a true barbecue joint in the American South.

The rich aromas of slow-cooking meats will tickle your nose, emanating from grills over hickory, alder, cherry, and mesquite wood. The woods smolder slowly, cooking the meat to tender in Carolina Smoke's kitchen—and the process is a long one. Don't worry, though, because the kitchen is always working, so they'll have your order of meat on-hand. Try the baby back ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, or chicken. These are a few of the dishes that are always on the menu at Carolina Smoke BBQ Shop, and they're joined by daily specials. Add some mac and cheese or cornbread to round out your meal and wash it down with some refreshing sweet tea.

Carolina Smoke BBQ Shop
23806 Bothell Everett Highway
Bothell, WA 98021
(425) 949-8672

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Learn More About Your Community's Past at Bothell Historical Museum Near Avalon RockMeadow

If you feel like you're lacking when it comes to knowledge of Bothell's history, pay a visit to the Bothell Historical Museum at The Park at Bothell Landing. The museum actually contains three buildings, including its namesake William Hannon house, the main event.

Built in the 19th century, the William Hannon House didn't start teaching locals about Bothell history until July of 1969. Head here to look through vintage newspapers and photos or enjoy the rotating exhibits that are hosted here. In addition to the William Hannon House, the museum has a one-room schoolhouse that dates back to 1885 (it was the first in Bothell) and a log cabin built just a year before the schoolhouse. Explore all three buildings, which are located just a short drive away from Avalon RockMeadow.

Bothell Historical Museum at The Park at Bothell Landing
9919 NE 180th Street
Bothell, WA 98011
(425) 486-1889

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