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Going Green the Simple Way: 6 Eco-Friendly Tips for Busy Brooklynites

Whatever your stance on global warming—there’s no denying the fact that our choices about how we manage earthly resources matter.

No, you don’t have to go zero-waste and buy a compost bin today. Just start with the simple, everyday choices that have big impacts over time. Bonus: many of these options don’t just benefit the earth, they benefit your health and wellbeing, too!

Read on to find out 6 ways to go green every day in 2016.

Shop Local in Downtown Brooklyn

You remember how delicious that peach you bought at the farmer’s market was this summer? Believe it or not, buying that peach didn’t just help your taste buds and tri state farmers. You helped the planet, too. Products from a typical supermarket are brought in from thousands of miles away, and the transportation used to move them accounts for a small portion of greenhouse gas emissions in food production.

“Shopping local” extends to products beyond food. When you buy from local vendors, particularly those who place an emphasis on eco-friendly production and packaging, you’re making a difference.

Double up your efforts, and take reusable bags. The US uses 100 billion new plastic bags per year, and only 1 in every 200 bags is recycled. Unfortunately, 100 billion bags costs about 12 million barrels of oil to produce. (Not great.)

>>Learn where to shop local in Downtown Brooklyn<<

Ditch Your Car

Raise your hand if you just moved to Brooklyn. Now, raise your hand if your feet hurt and your leg muscles are constantly sore.

Yep. Not only do you get a workout here, but you probably enjoy a traffic-free commute. New York City is one of the most public-transportation-connected cities in the world. Many of us bike, walk, or use the subways to reach our daily destinations. It helps when you live directly above a Jay Street-MetroTech Subway Station (A/C, F, and R Trains) and a 5-minute walk away from the 2/3, 4/5, B, and Q trains.

>>Check out AVA DoBro’s Downtown Brooklyn Location

Move to an Eco-friendly Apartment Building

Searching for a new Brooklyn apartment? Try to find one that’s LEED registered. Look for qualities like these, the eco-friendly gifts that keep giving all year round:

● Energy efficient windows

● Energy Star Certified appliances

● Programmable thermostats in each apartment

● Low VOC adhesives and sealants, low-VOC carpet, low VOC paint

>>Read about AVA DoBro’s commitment to sustainability<<

Install Low-Flow Faucets

You know to take shorter showers, and turn off your faucet frequently while rinsing dishes, but there are many other ways to reduce water use.

Try installing low-flow bath and kitchen faucets. Then, opt for a high-efficiency toilet. You’ll barely notice a change, but you’ll use less water even if you take the same amount of time in the shower. Don’t want to do all the work? Live in an apartment where you can’t make those changes? Move into an apartment that has all of these eco-friendly features.

>>Get in touch with us today to learn more!<<

Actually Recycle

Yes, it seems obvious. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We know. But you’d be surprised to see how many people still don’t actually recycle. In fact, some research shows that less than 35% of households in the U.S. recycle. Yikes! It’s time to boost that number, don’t you think?

It helps when you live in an apartment that offers a recycling program for residents. (Yes, once again, AVA DoBro does!)

Interested in making eco-friendly choices the easy way this year? Get in touch with us at AVA DoBro and schedule a tour to see studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments today, and enjoy a simpler, greener lifestyle (minus the hassle).

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The Brand New Downtown Brooklyn Coffee Shop You Need in Your Life

If you haven’t been to AVA Brew yet, you’re in for a treat.


The best sugary treats are waiting for you right off the Jay St.-Metrotech subway, in the lobby of AVA DoBro apartments. Head down to 100 Willoughby Street for your pre-work caffeine fix (we’re open at 7:00 a.m.) or post-work pre-hangout energy (7:00 p.m. close).

Sure, there’s a plethora of Downtown Brooklyn brew shops, but trust us, they don’t compare to AVA Brew. Here’s what you can expect.

Tasty and Local Fresh-Baked Treats.


Can you even look at these melty chocolate chip cookies without drooling? We can’t. Luckily (or unluckily, for those of us trying to diet), they’re right downstairs. Indulge in these no-fail treats to start or end the day right. Hey, nobody’s going to judge you for eating a cookie at 8 a.m. They’ll just be jealous.

Mind-Blowing Small Batch Roasted Coffee.


Plenty of coffee shops boast this, but we really believe Pushcart, our coffee bean supplier, has figured out the secret to amazing beans. Rest assured, our experts in house know how to make your cappuccino just right (more on those beany beauties below).

Green Coffee Buyers With a Goal for Good.


We pay attention to where our beans come from, which is why we chose to work with Pushcart. Not only do they choose coffee sources responsibly, they also take a “personal approach” to roasting, from farm to cup. Coffee connoisseurs, rejoice—experts ensure every cup highlights the bean’s origin with the perfect roast. This isn’t your daily grind.

Teas That Help Trees.

In the spirit of doing good, we couldn’t let our coffee outdo our tea. All tea at AVA Brew is by Spirit Tea, which is partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every Spirit Tea purchase we make, one tree gets planted. In 2015, new trees were brought up in Au Sable National Forest in Michigan, and we can’t wait to see where new trees grow. Contribute to a good cause and enjoy a piping hot cup of tea while you’re at it.

A Comfy Space to Relax, Read, or Work.


This is probably one of the most important things to look for in a coffee shop (after you know the coffee’s good): seating options. AVA Brew has the best of both worlds.

There’s plenty of room for a line to form if you’re in a hurry, or just want to enjoy your cup European style at the counter. If you want to work or relax here, choose from couches and chairs everywhere, and feel free to use our free WiFi.

Want to live in a Downtown Brooklyn apartment that has its own coffee shop right downstairs? Can’t beat AVA DoBro. Schedule a tour today, and don’t forget to swing by AVA Brew to get a taste of your bright future.

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BAM Brooklyn Has Still Got it. Here’s What You Should See in January.

150+ years later, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music—BAM—is still churning out entertaining pieces of art.

Whether you’re laughing yourself into stitches at the Sarah Silverman show or engaging in a personal discussion with the playwrights of The Glory of the World, making BAM a part of your new year is one resolution you’ll want to keep.

Read on for top picks of events at several BAMs in January—trust us, these are performances you won’t want to miss. Recruit your family and friends to join you, and buy your tickets today! (Psst...members can get $5 off tickets. Just saying.)

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Show to See: Trisha Brown Dance Company, Sarah Silverman

Trisha Brown Dance Company: Jan 28—Jan 30, 2016

Sarah Silverman: Friday, Jan 22, 2016, 8pm

The Howard Gilman Opera House isn’t just about operas. Head here in January to enjoy a modern dance performance in three parts by the renowned Trisha Brown Dance Company. (We’re particularly interested to see what the “Newark” piece entails.) On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something to lighten up the winter blues, Sarah Silverman’s deadpan and hilarious sense of humor should do the trick.

BAM Rose Cinemas

Show to See: The Met: Live in HD: Les Pêcheurs de Perles

Sat, Jan 16, 2016, 12pm & 1pm

Well, this is unexpected. The Bam Howard Gilman Opera House might not be hosting an operatic performance, but you can see Les Pêcheurs de Perles live in HD at the BAM Rose Cinemas, which is pretty much the same as being at the MET in person. Bonus: you won’t worry about offending the performers when you must excuse yourself to visit the restroom (or buy another fresh-baked cookie) halfway through the first act.

BAM Harvey Theater

Show to See: The Glory of the World

Jan 16—Feb 6, 2016

This is one of those theatrical performances you’ll dwell on for days after seeing it. The Glory of the World starts with the birthday celebration of a Catholic Monk, then dives deep. From there, almost all of the questions you’ve ever pondered in a moment of reflection will be addressed. Just go and find out for yourself! Oh, and don’t forget to meet the playwrights to discuss what they actually meant at the Gathering for the Glory of the World.

BAM Cafe Live

Show to See: Mariami

Fri, Jan 22, 2016 10pm

Stuck in a pop-music rut? Well, you’re in the right place to get out of it. Part of the reason we love Brooklyn so much is the fact that this borough is so diverse. The quality of world music samplings are astounding (let’s just say we’re spoiled in NYC), and Mariami is a prime example of this luxury. She mixes reggae and modern R&B with her Georgian roots to create music you’ll want to add to your subway commute playlist.

What are you waiting for? Get out and explore the culture of Brooklyn this year, starting with BAM. Want to live in the middle of the best Brooklyn happenings? AVA DoBro is the perfect fix. Get in touch with us today to learn more about leasing in Downtown Brooklyn!

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6 Reasons to Start off the New Year in a Downtown Brooklyn Apartment

When you make the decision to look for a new apartment, you’re excited. New place! New neighborhood! Everything your current apartment doesn’t have!

But at some point, the excitement starts wearing down. Somewhere along the line, obsessively checking Craigslist, emailing your real estate agent, and trekking all over the city in the snow just doesn’t sound appealing.

Well, we’re here to make it easy. Here are 6 reasons to move to your cool new future Downtown Brooklyn apartment as soon as your old lease ends. Hey, we can’t promise sunny weather and no snow in May, but we can promise comfortable digs to wait it out.

1. Because you’re not actually sure your current landlord exists.

We’ve all had to deal with a negligent landlord somewhere along the line. The water’s leaking? Heater shut off in the middle of snowmageddon? You’re on your own, buddy. Great for DIYers, bad for the rest of us. Stop letting bad landlord behavior slide, and move to a place where the managers actually care—and you can get in touch with them 24/7. It’s not a dream, it’s AVA DoBro.

2. Because you’re ready to stop sharing utensils with strangers.

OK, so maybe your roommate from college isn’t a stranger. But still, having many roommates when you’re an adult can be a complete downer. We all need space to ourselves—it helps to recharge after a long day at work. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can revel in the freedom to stay up late eating cookies and watching shows, or getting up early and making a smoothie.

There are so many benefits to living on your own, but don’t take our word for it. Schedule a tour and picture your life at AVA DoBro in person!

3. Because you want to be in the middle of everything.

Yes, that apartment in Queens is gorgeous. But first of all, do you really want to live in Queens? And secondly, do you want to live out in the middle of a Thai food desert? We didn’t think so. Be close to transportation, arts, music, and even great coffee shops at AVA DoBro (check out our on-site coffeeshop AVA Brew)! Live in a place your friends will actually want to visit.

4. Because you deserve those little extra luxuries every day.

Seriously. You work your tail off to live in this great borough. The least you could do is give yourself little luxuries to keep you going—everything from a state-of-the-art gym in the building to those beautiful details, such as sliding barn doors in your apartment.

5. Because your dog wants a place to run.

Some people think it’s cruel to have a dog in a big city. We disagree—but we also can’t believe what passes for a “dog friendly apartment community” in New York. In our minds, “dog friendly” means a heated outdoor dog run and pet spa. You can read all about our WAG pet program, too. OK, maybe we’re overachievers. But trust us, your dog will thank us, especially during the winter months.

6. Because you want to entertain without leaving your building.

You spend a lot of time out and about in NYC, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You also love exploring neighborhood bars, restaurants, and culture. But there’s nothing wrong with a few nights in, especially when they’re spent with friends in our 30th floor outdoor terrace with a lounge and fire pit, or our 58th floor rooftop with indoor and outdoor lounge areas.

Have we convinced you yet? Come in to meet us in person, and learn more about our community and how you’ll fit in. We’d love to show you around.

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3 Amazing Brooklyn Cookbooks Worthy of a Spot in Your Kitchen

Maybe you’re a master chef who scoffs at the sight of a recipe.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re a cooking novice who painstakingly tried to stick to a recipe for chocolate souffle that still somehow turned into chocolate scrambled eggs.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle—your cooking adventures are rather hit-or-miss.

Whatever camp of cooks you fall into, you probably don’t tend to get excited about cookbooks. Fortunately, we have the perfect antidote—the very best Brooklyn cookbooks you’ve ever seen.

These 3 top cookbooks will delight, make you get out of your comfort zone, and at the very least, challenge you to become the best Brooklyn chef you can be, even if that’s just once a week. For every other time, there’s takeout.

1. The Up South Cookbook: Chasing Dixie in a Brooklyn Kitchen by Nicole A. Taylor

It’s a classic story—young adult moves to New York City to explore life away from her roots, ends up appreciating her origin state even more. And in this author’s case, it makes for some pretty fantastic dishes that fuse southern cooking and the northeast class in a rare way. From grits to collard greens, you’ll discover a whole new appreciation for what you might call “elevated comfort foods.”

Recipes to try first: Savory Grits Waffle, Fried Chicken (combine for an out-of-this-world combo)

2. The New Brooklyn Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from 31 Restaurants That Put Brooklyn on the Culinary Map by Melissa Vaughan, Brendan Vaughan, and Michael Harlan Turkell

This cookbook has won awards from New York mag, SeriousEats.com, Daily Candy, and has won rave reviews from The New York Times. Need we say more?

OK, we’ll take that as a yes. The thing that sets this cookbook apart is the fact that 31 actual Brooklyn restaurant stories and exclusive recipes are featured. It should be a must in any Brooklynite kitchen, and will be the one cookbook you’ll actually feel an emotional attachment to if you ever have to leave the borough.

Oh, and one last thing—you’ll be surprised by the caliber of restaurants Brooklyn has produced. We contribute far more than just the best bagels to the foodiesphere. There’s even a beer recipe you can try, if you’re so inclined.

Recipes to try first: Cast-Iron Chicken with Caramelized Shallots and Sherry Pan Sauce (Vinegar Hill House), Doug's Pecan Pie Sundae (Buttermilk Channel)

3. The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book by Emily Elsen and Melissa Elsen

Boy, are we glad the Elsen sisters came to town. Four & Twenty Blackbird’s pie shop knocks our socks off, and now, we can all explore 60 recipes organized by season. That’s right. You’re now cooking seasonal pies—everything from Green Chili Chocolate to Salted Caramel Apple. You should definitely write home about this.

Recipes to try first: Salty Honey Pie, Cranberry Sage Pie

If these 3 Brooklyn Cookbooks aren’t on your wish list yet, they should be! Of course, you could always treat yourself to a holiday present.

Speaking of treating yourself, have you thought about moving to a brand new apartment in Downtown Brooklyn? You deserve it. (And if you have a dog or cat, they do too!) Get in touch with us today to learn more about our gorgeous one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments that are uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment to see for yourself!

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Shopping in Brooklyn Done Right: 4 Must-Buy Gifts

Sure, you could knock out all your shopping at the Fulton Street Mall. But if you’re in the market for the most unique Brooklyn shops, then you’ve got to dig deeper!

Technically, Downtown Brooklyn doesn’t extend past Schermerhorn—except for that small block-long rectangle that juts out to Atlantic Avenue. But today, we’re feeling adventurous. And we hope you are, too.

Join us on a hunt for the best shopping in Brooklyn, all close to your luxury apartment in DoBro. Here are 4 unique gifts to snag while shopping in Brooklyn this weekend.

1. Handmade Peterman Cherry Salad Bowl from Greenhouse & Co.

387 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

A gorgeous handmade cherrywood salad bowl—made from felled trees in Massachusetts—will make any host with the most swoon. This smooth bowl will lend Caesar salad the attention it deserves, and also doubles as an accent piece or fruit bowl. (Don’t forget the salad serving spoons!) It’s available in 13, 15, and 18 inch diameters. Go with the 18-inch bowl for the biggest impact.

2. Hanno Jr. the Gorilla Designer Toy from Grumpy Bert

82 Bond Street, Brooklyn, NY

We love this little art gallery in Boerum Hill. They understand that whimsy and fun doesn’t have to stop once you graduate childhood, and their Designer Toys will make any kid at heart go wild.

We particularly love their Hanno Jr. the Gorilla, a flexible little wooden gorilla crafted from a sustainably-harvested Beech hardwood frame that “comes inside a wooden box in case he gets out of hand.” It’s one of those rare pieces of art that’s both fun and sophisticated. Give it to a friend who just landed their dream job.

3. Acne Studios Canada Scarf from Steven Alan

Women’s Store: 347 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Men’s Store: 349 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

It took a really, really, really long time to narrow down a favorite gifting piece from this boutique, and in the end, we went with a scarf. Yes, you read that right—every Aunt’s go-to gift is actually unique when it’s the classic Canada Scarf from Acne Studios. It’s a step above the usual; a solid scarf in 100% virgin lambswool made in Italy. Your fashion-loving friends will thank you forever.

4. Gift Card to Brooklyn Fare

200 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY

If we had to give Brooklyn Fare a rating on how it’s doing, we would have to say 10/10 every time. We love this spot—all the way from Cheese Island to the Gourmet Olive Bar, and back again. What’s even better than a day of shopping? A day of shopping that’s free. Grab your foodie friends a gift card to Brooklyn Fare this holiday season.

When you live in Downtown Brooklyn, great shopping trips become the norm. So get used to it! And at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than a burger at Downtown Brooklyn’s Shake Shack to replenish your energy. Want to live in a luxury apartment right in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn? Get in touch with us today!

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Take Care of Business Close to Your Apartment in Downtown Brooklyn: Dentists, Doctors, and More

You just unpacked your boxes on move-in day. What do you do now? Kick back and take a nap? Go treat yourself to ice cream?

As much as you deserve ice cream, we recommend you research some businesses in and around Downtown Brooklyn. That way, if anything happens, you’ll be prepared!

We’ve made it easy with this guide to important businesses in and around Downtown Brooklyn. Bookmark them on your phone or write them down and add them to a list on your fridge. Then, go get yourself some Shake Shack ice cream.

Chiropractor in Downtown Brooklyn

Got back pain? You need a chiropractor with a magic touch. This one should do the trick.

Physio Logic Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

409 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor (Entrance on Willoughby Street), Brooklyn, NY 11201 [Directions]



Monday-Thursday: 7:45 a.m. – 7:15 p.m.

Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Eye Doctor in Downtown Brooklyn

Seeking new specs? This eye doctor will get you set up.

Macy’s Vision Express

420 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (in Macy’s) [Directions]



Monday-Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Doctor Near Downtown Brooklyn

Is there a doctor in the house? Well, no. But there is one close by, and it’s a walk-in clinic.

Fort Greene Health Center

295 Flatbush Ave. Extension - 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 [Directions]



Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Dentist in Downtown Brooklyn

When you’ve got a toothache, who you gonna call? This dentist.

Downtown Dental Brooklyn

288 State Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 [Directions]



Monday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Veterinarian Near Downtown Brooklyn

Fido not feeling well? Head to this highly-rated vet close to home.

One Love Animal Hospital

317 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 [Directions]



Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

DMV Near Downtown Brooklyn

The 15 minute walk is shorter than the wait there (It is a DMV after all!).

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

625 Atlantic Avenue 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11217 [Directions]



Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Post Office Near Downtown Brooklyn

Snail mail isn’t dead—see for yourself at this post office.

US Post Office

271 Cadman Plaza East Suite 1, Brooklyn, NY 11201 [Directions]



Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday: 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Now that you’re armed with your new move-in information, you’ll be all set to thrive in Downtown Brooklyn! But first things first. If you haven’t yet had a chance to meet us or schedule a tour, do that today! We’ll see you here.

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Celebrating the Holidays in Downtown Brooklyn: 4 Fun Events

Holidays in Brooklyn aren’t like anywhere else.

For one thing, they’re colder than holidays in L.A., and less stressful than holidays on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. For another thing, there’s always a creative bent! From a unique performance of the Nutcracker ballet to a free festive Holiday Trolley, there are so many interesting things to see and do. Get out and check out these handpicked Brooklyn holiday events this year!

1. Check out the Holiday Lights in Downtown Brooklyn

December 2015

Check out the twinkling holiday lights in Downtown Brooklyn at Albee Square (the corner of Fulton and Bond Street), including a 30-foot Christmas tree. There’s something about those sparkling lights that gets us in that cozy holiday mood! Afterwards, grab a slice of decadent chocolate swirl cheesecake or a mini rugelach at Junior’s!

2. See The Brooklyn Ballet’s Nutcracker

December 9 - 13, 2015

When in Brooklyn, mix up traditional holiday traditions! From December 9 - 13, 2015, catch a production of Brooklyn Ballet’s version of holiday classic The Nutcracker, performed by talented artists representing Brooklyn through the ages. From old Dutch Brooklyn to today’s Flatbush Avenue, you’ll glimpse something truly original this holiday when you see The Brooklyn Nutcracker. Buy your tickets today.

3. Ride the FREE Downtown Brooklyn Holiday Trolley

December 12, 2015

They say the best things in life are free, and we’re inclined to agree, especially during the holidays in Brooklyn.

Take a ride on our free Brooklyn Holiday Trolley on Friday, December 12 (4pm - 10 pm), and pick up a deal book that will come in handy for holiday shopping. The trolley will stop at Fulton and Jay, Fulton and Bond, Fulton and Rockwell, Flatbush and Fourth, Livingston and Hoyt (by Macy’s), and Livingston and Court Streets. Check out the schedule and details here.

4. Marvel at a Massive Menorah in Grand Army Plaza

December 6 - 13, 2015

Sure, regular-sized menorahs are great—but have you ever seen the one in Grand Army Plaza? From December 6 - 13, you’ll be able to check out that giant lit menorah, and enjoy live music, delicious hot latkes, and gifts for kids. Check the website for details.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your home’s right in the middle of one of the most happening neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Mark your calendars for these can’t-miss holiday events in Brooklyn this year, and while you’re at it, set up an appointment to check out AVA DoBro apartments!

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The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD LAB) is Open (Here’s Why You Should Get There ASAP)

Images provided by MOFAD

Forget the Cooking Channel.

We’ve got something better in Brooklyn—the arrival of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) LAB. It is the brainchild of founder and President Dave Arnold, who also helped create the Booker and Dax lounge, a magical spot for infused beverages and perfectly chilled Manhattans in, well, Manhattan. Here’s what sets this museum apart from the rest!

MOFAD Beginnings

Arnold’s idea for a food museum was sparked by a visit to the American Museum of Natural History, where he noticed a lack of food history in exhibits. After many trials, errors, a Kickstarter campaign, and a wildly successful mobile exhibition featuring a breakfast cereal puffing machine, MOFAD finally has a home at 62 Bayard Street.

Engaging Exhibitions

The current exhibition, “Flavor: Making it & Faking It,” runs through February 28, 2016—it’s astounding but simple.

Hands-on displays will teach you about how you detect flavor chemicals, how the history of vanilla might be more exciting than its flavor, and how you can create your own aromas using a “smell synth” (if you’re picturing a smelly, crowded room, have no fear! They use a special kind of filter so scents throughout the room won’t impede on others).

They’ll have other exhibits coming up in the future, but we recommend you don’t miss this one! It’s probably the most fun you’ll have at a museum this month.

Fascinating Films

Can’t make it to MOFAD for the flavor exhibit? You can still go on their website to check out some informative short videos about everything from the mechanics of flavor to an overview of what you can expect at the exhibit. Follow them on Facebook for updates on extras like a talk about the hidden science behind cooking techniques by Arnold himself.

Disappearing Tickets

If you want to go, reserve your tickets today! As you can imagine, a museum all about the science and history of food has received a lot of attention from foodies and non-foodies alike. Tickets range from $10 per adult (18+) to membership status (up to $960).

Want to live in a place where intriguing museum exhibitions and the best shops are popping up? You’ll want to live in AVA DoBro. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or schedule an appointment to see your future apartment.

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Traveling for the Holidays? Check Out Transportation Options Close to AVA DoBro

If you don’t regularly travel for work or you just moved to Brooklyn, it can be hard to get your travel bearings in time for the holidays.

Whether you choose to travel by road, rail, or air, we’ve got a basic rundown of what’s nearby, and how to reach it easily while toting luggage. Read on for the basics of journeying near and far from Downtown Brooklyn.

By Car

If you’ve decided to brave holiday traffic and travel by car (or perhaps you’re leaving earlier in the week to beat the rush), you’ll be able to park on-site in our garage. Start off your journey ice-free and toasty from the comfort of your car! AVA DoBro’s super close to the Brooklyn Bridge and the 278. From there, the journey is up to you!

By Rail

AVA DoBro is directly above a Jay Street-MetroTech Subway Station, meaning you can catch the A/C, F, and R trains in a snap. Looking for the 2/3, 4/5, B, and Q trains? They’re less than a 5-minute walk from your doorstep.

Need to get from AVA DoBro to Grand Central Station? Take the Q train at Jay Street-MetroTech, then transfer to the shuttle at Times Square-42nd Street heading to Grand Central Station. You’ll reach your train in no time!

By Plane

Sometimes, our holiday journeys require wings. Luckily, you have options. Here are three of the closest airports to your home in Downtown Brooklyn.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

It’s probably easiest to reach each airport by taxi, but if you’re departing in the thick of holiday traffic or rush hour, you won’t want to risk missing your flight. Check out these public transportation options for travel to LaGuardia Airport, JFK, and Newark Airport.

Do you have any favorite routes for traveling from Brooklyn? Share them with us on Facebook!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a home just in time for the holidays, AVA DoBro apartments may be perfect for you. Learn more about our amazing features and amenities, and schedule an appointment to see them in person!

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The 6 Things That Happen While Shopping for Winter Boots in Downtown Brooklyn

When you live in Brooklyn—or any climate that includes a cold winter season—you know the struggle of picking out good winter boots.

Well, some of us do. The others spend five minutes online, order their shoes, and are happy straight through spring. For those of us who aren’t quite so lucky, here’s what a usual journey to find the perfect boot looks like.

1) You'll casually order them online, and inevitably return the first pair.

This is a common rookie boot-buying mistake - you always think it's going to be easier to order online. It all sounds so simple: just pick your size, choose a color and style you like, and get it shipped right to AVA DoBro. But when you head downstairs and excitedly pick up your package downstairs to try the boots on, they just don't look right. You'll return the first pair - we all do.

2) You'll realize this is a much harder decision than you thought.

After this, you'll be sweating a little more before you press “buy now.” Scores of boots will stay in carts on different websites, and you’re not sure you’re ready to commit. Why? Because none of them strike your fancy. At this point, you have a tough question to answer—do you want a pair of boots that’s fashionable and pinched, OR dorky and functional? It’s nearly impossible to find both.

3) You'll see a person on the subway wearing your dream boots, and offer to buy them on the spot.

Yes. We've all done it - or at the very least, you've asked someone where they got those boots, only to have them answer, “10 years ago at Nordstrom!” It’s a hard pill to swallow.

4) You'll briefly consider wearing your sneakers all winter.

This is the low point. You have so many other kinds of shoes—why should boots matter? You live so close to the subway, you could almost never set foot on the sidewalk. Plus, your feet are tough from walking all over Brooklyn. They should be able to handle below-zero temperatures, right? Wrong.

You'll realize this was a mistake the first day it's actually bone-chilling cold. Back on the hunt!

5) You'll check out shops around Downtown Brooklyn, hoping you’ll stumble across the perfect pair.

Finally, you'll realize that maybe you need to see the shoes to believe them. Maybe the internet's not all it's cracked up to be! So off you'll go to some stores close to AVA DoBro—Nordstrom Rack or Aldo. And on your first visit, you might see a few that catch your eye. They’re classic, functional, and actually well-constructed.

But you weren't born yesterday—you know you’ll need to sleep on the decision before actually choosing a pair.

6) Hooray! You'll finally settle on a decent pair.

It's time! That glorious moment occurs when you're walking out the door with your newly-purchased snow boots, and perhaps a few snowflakes hit your nose, reminding you that you are the smartest person ever for not settling on sneakers. Your feet will be nice and warm, all the way from work to your brand new apartment in Downtown Brooklyn.

Next year seems like it's a long way off—let's hope your boots will last you for many years to come.

Boots are a necessary part of every Brooklynite's closet. But an even better way to beat the cold? Move into an apartment that has it all, from cozy indoor lounge spaces, to a toasty coffee shop, to a state-of-the-art gym onsite. When it’s cold outside, you’ll have plenty to do inside! That’s the AVA DoBro life.

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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Bad Weather? Stay Inside, It's All Here: Indoor Amenities at AVA DoBro

What's a Brooklynite to do during bad weather? Plenty, especially if you live at AVA DoBro.

With indoor amenities like these, you won’t get bored! Here's a sample of what you can experience when you live in one of our apartments in Downtown Brooklyn.

Sip Your Beverage of Choice + Read a Good Book

We’re opening up an AVA Brew coffee shop featuring fresh and local coffee, tea, baked goods, craft beer, and select wines. Sip on your favorite drink, and read a good magazine or book on your iPad as you wait for better weather.

Hang Out On the Rooftop (But Stay Warm and Dry)

Our 58th floor rooftop features both indoor and outdoor lounge areas, so you can stay warm and dry when it’s wet and cold outside. Start a card game with your neighbors or cozy up next to the fire and enjoy the view.

Pamper Your Pet

Is there anything better than a spa day...for Fido? Give your pet some TLC at our pet spa! If you have a dog, take them to burn all their energy off at the heated outdoor dog run. Life’s good when you’re a pup or cat at AVA DoBro. (Or fish...but we don’t groom those.)

Customize Your Space

If you haven’t already used one of our DIY kits to make your apartment all your own, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to stay inside and work on an apartment project. If you want to dive even deeper, you can start a Pinterest board to keep track of your future plans.

Join an On-Site Event

There are always events for residents and friends going on—check our Facebook page to stay updated on the latest! (And if you haven’t moved in yet, you'll want to schedule an appointment soon! All apartments are filling up fast.)

Move in before winter hits, and enjoy all of these incredible features and amenities every day. Get in touch with us today and schedule a tour!

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Things We’re Excited About in Downtown Brooklyn: DeKalb Market Hall

Add this to the long list of things we’re excited about in Downtown Brooklyn: DeKalb Market Hall is opening in spring 2016!

Yep, yet another reason why we love living in this booming part of Brooklyn. As we prepare our stomachs for the opening of this 26,000-square-foot hall at City Point (445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201). Here’s a sample of what you can expect to find just a three-minute walk away from AVA DoBro next year:

  • Katz’s Deli
  • Pain D'Avignon
  • Arepa Lady
  • Ample Hills Creamery
  • Forcella Pizza
  • No. 6 Depot Coffee
  • Steve's Ice Cream
  • Pierogi Bar
  • Cuzin's Duzins
  • Sunday Gravy
  • Eight Turn Crepe
  • Duck Season
  • Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbeque

All of these spots are welcome additions, but we’re particularly excited about Katz’s Deli and Ample Hills Creamery.

Katz’s Deli

Image Source: Flickr via BPPrice

First of all, if you’ve ever been to Katz’s Deli before, you know how addictive this iconic sandwich spot is—not to mention the fact that it’s been featured on When Harry Met Sally. No longer will we have to hop the train into Manhattan for a perfectly layered Reuben sandwich.

Ample Hills Creamery

Image Source: Flickr via l.e.s.ter

And Ample Hills Creamery? Well, even Oprah ate an entire pint of the made-from-scratch ice cream in her pajamas, according to their website. The original Ample Hills opened in Prospect Heights in 2011, and their flavors included originals, such as Salted Crack Caramel, Peppermint Pattie, and Sweet As Honey, made from the freshest local ingredients. We’re expecting nothing but great things at the Downtown Brooklyn outpost. (Perhaps a flavor tailor-made just for our neighborhood? We’ll see.)

Want to live in a part of Brooklyn that’s promising more than “up-and-coming?” Enjoy great local eateries, easy access to public transportation, and unique apartments in Downtown Brooklyn. Get in touch with us today!

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Best Activities for Book Lovers in Brooklyn

The recent 10th Annual Brooklyn Book Festival combined with the approaching cozier season means we’re all for snuggling up with a good book.

But one of the best things about books? Sharing them with others, whether at an author’s book reading or at a book club. And if you’re an avid reader, there’s no better place to live than Brooklyn.

Here’s how you can dig into literature this fall in Brooklyn, whether you’re an aspiring author or a book clubber.

Get Feedback on Your Work

Lost Lit Workshops

The Lost Lit Workshops are the perfect place to get honest feedback on your work, and get inspired to continue writing. Each workshop is designed to cater to your unique needs as a writer and human being. Feeling stuck or uninspired in your current project? The “Get Lit” workshop will help you rediscover your love of writing and give you a boost in the right direction. Dealing with the loss of a loved one? The Grief Writing Workshop is an ideal way to work through your emotions. There is truly something for everyone here!

Discuss Your Favorite Literature

WORD Book Groups

Classic, Indie, Romance—WORD bookstore in Brooklyn has all genre bases covered in their book groups. Whatever you gravitate towards, you’ll discover a group that fits you. Bonus: book groups are a fantastic way to make new like-minded friends. Check out the schedule here.

Hone Your Craft

Gotham Writers

Writers and non-writers alike are aware of this behemoth! Gotham writing courses truly have it all, from Children's Book Writing courses to Blog Basics. If you haven’t written in a while or you’re just starting out, you’ll fully appreciate the 101 courses, and if you want to explore a different medium, such as comics, you’ll be able to do that here.

They do cost money, but they’re well worth it—and you’ll be able to take classes online from the comfort of your luxury Brooklyn Apartment! See all courses here.

Read the Day Away at a Bookstore


Who says the bookstore is dead? We absolutely love the standout in-store events with authors, book clubs, a fantastic book selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and Gotham Writing Workshops that meet here. They’ve turned the traditional bookstore into what it was always meant to be—a tight knit community of writers, authors, and book lovers that just can’t be duplicated with electronic readers.

Get Cozy Reading in a Cafe

Bacchus Cafe

Ok, we’re going to tell you a little secret. All of the best readers and writers pair their adventures in literature with a little treat. There’s nothing quite like a chocolate croissant to get your brain into reading mode. Bacchus is right on the border of Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill, and it’s a great place to separate your mind from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Looking for a place to live in the unofficial book-lovers capital of the US? Get in touch with us today at AVA DoBro, and we’ll show you an apartment that’s perfect for you.

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Skip the Greenwich Village Madness: Best Halloween Activities Around Downtown Brooklyn

Image: Flickr via North Charleston

Sure, the Village Halloween Parade is great.

The first time you went.

Now, it’s just a screaming mix of overly drunk college students in costume. This year, we’re staying right here in Brooklyn, and enjoying the 31st of October in the better borough (the title’s not official yet, so best not spread that around on the subways).

Skip the Greenwich village madness and enjoy the best Halloween activities around Downtown Brooklyn this year. Read on for our top picks.

1. Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest

Where: Fort Greene Park

When: October 31, 2015

Time: 11am (registration) - 3pm

Cost: $5 (donation-based)

Let’s start with something straight up adorable. The 17th annual PUPkin Dog Costume Contest is the biggest Halloween event in our book, and it’s all going down in Fort Greene Park! It’s actually happening on the night of Halloween this year, which isn’t always the case—and we’re so ready to see all the adorable creatively-costumed pups and hear all the Halloween dog puns. Oh, and did we mention the fact that there are amazing prizes for the winning dogs? But you’ll have to do more than slap on a taco or Princess Leia costume. Dog parents are more competitive than your average moms and dads.

This event is led by the Fort Greene PUPS foundation, and they’ll gladly take a donation of $5 per entrant to help pay for event costs. Want to help out more? You can volunteer at the event.

2. Fort Greene Park Halloween Parade

Where: Fort Greene Park

When: October 31, 2015

Time: 12pm - 3pm

Cost: FREE

The 15th Annual Fort Greene Halloween Festival is happening Saturday, October 31, from 12pm - 3pm. Check out hay rides, pumpkin giveaways and painting. And, of course, it’s all happening at the same time as the PUP parade we mentioned in #1.

3. BAM Happenings

Where: BAM Cafe

Check website for updates

BAM has something happening every year, and not just for the kids, either. On top of their amazing selections of hard-to-find movie screenings (for those moments when you can’t make it to Nitehawk), they know how to celebrate Halloween. Last year, they hosted a killer late-night Halloween dance party in the BAM Cafe, and we are so ready for this year’s celebration. Check their website for the latest updates.

4. BK Horror Club

Where: Throne Watches Showroom — 29 Wythe Ave, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn, NY

When: October 29, 2015

Time: 8pm doors open, 9pm screening starts

Cost: $10 (+service fee if bought online)

Whether you love them or hate them—everyone watches at least one horror movie on Halloween, right? It just wouldn’t be right to let the spooky holiday pass by without at least one skin-crawlingly creepy flick. Well, BK Horror Club attendees do happen to be fans of the genre all year round, but you can join them on Thursday, October 29 for a cult classic Scream movie screening, plus a Halloween contest.

Purchase your tickets ASAP to attend this super fun pre-Halloween event. Doors open at 8pm, and screenings begin at 9, leaving you plenty of time to get ready after work. Just don’t forget your own blanket, cushion, or lawn chair.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for events happening all over BK this Halloween, and boy, are we glad to live here. There’s nothing worse than getting a ride back to another state after a long night. Looking for an apartment in Brooklyn that won’t give you the creeps? Get in touch with us today, and discover your dream apartment in Downtown Brooklyn.

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Not Your College Posters: Decorate Your Apartment with Upscale Art Prints for Grownups

Posters and prints get a bad rap.

Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Al Pacino’s Scarface. That Bob Marley poster. Perhaps the Starry Night poster, for the more sophisticated art students among us.

Let’s face it—those aren’t exactly pieces of fine art. But that doesn’t mean all prints belong in the trash bin. Let’s buck the trend and support the brightest, most talented artists out there today by purchasing today’s unique art prints. And if you’re on the Society Six website, your favorite prints are versatile. They can morph into a phone case, tapestry, framed print, and more.

Another bonus: prints are relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to invest in a piece that you might tire of in a month. This is the art of the future. Jump on board! Here are some of the best, based on your past college choices.

The Classic Film Lover

There’s so much more to Audrey than Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This gorgeous, rich image of Audrey is both avant garde and vintage. Share your appreciation for classic grace, style, and the queen of both with this print by artist Sophie Eves.

The Surrealist

Dali is wonderful. But he’s not the only thought-provoking artist that ever existed. It’s time to branch out—and this eye-catching collage by Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design hits all the right notes. It’s beautiful, arresting, and perfectly poised to grab attention (get the x-large size for a big impact).

The TV Buff

If you’re not an avid Game of Thrones lover, well, you’ve probably been living under a rock. This HBO series is one of the top examples of high-quality television productions rivalling big-budget films. This print of Jon Snow by artist Mike Wrobel reimagines the character as he’d look in the 80s/90s grunge era. We think it’s pretty accurate.

The Environmentalist

This light, calming watercolor will relax you and bring you back down to earth every time you open the door to your luxury apartment in Downtown Brooklyn. When you live in a big city, you crave wide open spaces, shady trees, and plants—this print by The Aestate is the next best thing.

The Kid at Heart

There are two kinds of people in the world: those with bare fridge doors, and those with magnets, photos, drawings, and notes covering everything. If you’re the latter kind, you’ll probably appreciate this whimsical little fox resting comfortably on a print by Rubyetc. It’s 6-year-old couture.

The Minimalist

You’re the kind of person who prefers their coffee without cream or sugar. The kind of person who owns three pairs of shoes that somehow go perfectly with every outfit. You’ve cracked the “cool minimalist” code, and we applaud you. It’s no easy feat. Reward yourself with this very simple yet spellbinding piece of art by Georgiana Paraschiv.

The Traveler

You probably studied abroad more than once in college. Perhaps you even joined the Peace Corps. Maybe you’re just constantly planning your next travel adventure. Whatever the case, you have a wanderlust that can’t be sated. Salute your love for travel with this chic gold map by Samantha Ranlet. It’s inspiring, informative, and interesting, with just the right amount of class. (Like you, of course.)

The Wave Maker

You’re known for your zen ways. Road rage just isn’t an issue for you (partly because you take the train most days, and partly because you’re just calm in general). At the same time, you’re fun-loving and adventurous. This happy Gandhi piece by the very talented Amit Shimoni is the print for you.

Looking for a fantastic apartment to hang your prints (and your hat)? Look no further than AVA DoBro. Choose from studios, one, two, or three-bedroom apartments in a neighborhood that’s as unique and interesting as you are. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour.

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Best Bars and Lounges with Live Music in Nearby Fort Greene

When in Downtown Brooklyn, do as the locals do. Check out the small music venues and best bars with live music all around you. Read on to learn about the best live music spots in our neighboring hood, Fort Greene.

Whatever kind of night you’re seeking to have, these spots hit all the right notes (and may even surprise you with their inventiveness and variety). Read on for the best bars and lounges with live music in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

For Aspiring Artists


30 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

One of the best things about fall is the fact that Bam Cafe starts up again in September (ends in May). Since its inception in 1999, BAMcafe Live has featured the best new artists in world, pop, jazz, R&B, and rock. Head to the Lepercq Space in the Peter Jay Sharp Building, which is super close to AVA DoBro, on select Friday and Saturday nights for a free night of incredible musicianship. Some artists to look out for: the electro-pop danceable beats of Raye 6 (October 9) and Deborah Bond’s mesmerizing voice coupled with acid jazz and bass (October 16).

For Old-School Hip Hop

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge

660 Fulton St., Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

When the DJ’s not there, there’s always the jukebox. The tunes at Frank’s tend to veer toward Old School Hip Hop, particularly on Friday nights. If you enjoy dancing to the best of the best 90s R&B or hip hop beats, then this might become your new regular spot. If you don’t dance, it’s still a great place to start off your night. The bartenders are friendly, the drinks are small but mighty. Most of the regulars are in their late 30s and 40s, so if you’re looking for a divey college-type bar or a young professionals hotspot, Frank’s isn’t it. (Pro tip: always go for beer or mixed drinks instead of the wine.)

For Skilled DJs

The Great Georgiana

248 Dekalb Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

If you’re a hipster, you’ve been here and you probably love it. If you’re not a hipster, you should go at least once to try a fancy drink (spicy grapefruit margarita) and enjoy skilled live DJs spinning vinyl, outdoor seating, and NICE bartenders. Not to mention the bar snacks and the cozy ambiance. Get the Korean fried chicken, wings, and sit at the bar. Like any authentic hipster bar, there’s no TV to be seen (sports fans, you’ve been warned.)

For Sheer Variety

Mo’s Fort Greene

80 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

Once in awhile, you run into Friday nights sans plans. It’s always on those nights that you and your friends just aren’t on the same page—some want karaoke, others want to dance, and still more want to see a good comedy show. On nights like those, stop Google searching for the best Friday night activities in the area, round everyone up, and head to Mo’s. Get there in time for happy hour, and stay for one of their varied events. Yes, there is a TV here. Most of the time, you can catch the big game on the TV at the end of the bar. The interior’s rustic, usually clean, and full of varied seating, from wooden benches for a larger group to barstools for a casual date.

With these four spots, you’ll never be without something to do on a Friday in Fort Greene. Looking for a place to live that’s in the middle of all the action in Downtown Brooklyn? Check out AVA DoBro. At the end of the night, you’ll get to retreat to a luxury apartment with all the amenities you could hope for. Get in touch with us today for details and pre-leasing options.

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The Best Brooklyn Beer Cans (for Crush a Can Day)

Image Source: Flickr via tom_bullock

Canned beer doesn’t get enough attention.

Think about it—they’re far more portable than their glass counterparts, they’re easily transported, have a smaller carbon footprint, you don’t need a bottle opener, and they can actually taste better than bottles (Especially in Brooklyn). That’s why, in honor of annual “Crush a Can Day” on September 27, we’ve compiled the best beer cans in BK.

Cheers, Downtown Brooklyn!

Sixpoint Brewery

Ah, the ubiquitous six-pointed star. Out in Red Hook, you’ll find this Brooklyn-based brewery, famous for its creativity and yes, its logo. Many of these beers are hard to define, due to their notion that creativity is “not confined to the shackles of style guidelines.” All of their delicious and different brews are available by draft or by can. Need a pick-me-up post work?

Can of Great Worth: 4Beans, a Baltic Porter with an outstanding rating of 93 on BeerAdvocate. 10% ABV and delicious notes of dark malt, cocoa, vanilla, and yes, delectable BKLYN coffee. It’s not a perennial, so get it when you can!

The Brooklyn Brewery

The Brooklyn Brewery is, as you could have guessed, based in good old BK. Their beers are known to be the best versions of classic IPAs, brown ales, and occasional chocolate stouts. The head Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, brings his experience and plenty of awards to the table—you can’t help but trust his judgment.

CAN’t Stop Drinking: Brooklyn Summer Ale, despite the fact that Labor Day has officially passed. Yes, you can get it in a bottle, but for those last minute trips out to Long Island there’s nothing better than a solid 12 pack of these citrusy and spicy refreshing cans of ale. If you can’t find them anywhere, order them online.

KelSo Brewery

Out of Heartland Brewery, a beermaster is born. The Brewmaster of Kelso Brewery, Kelly Taylor, combined his wife’s first name with his to create “KelSo” Brewery (Kelly + Sonya) in 2006. Taylor brews out of Greenpoint Beerworks in Clinton Hill, and he currently oversees production for the entire Heartland Brewery group. Their 100% handmade craft ales and lagers are getting more attention, particularly the seasonal brews.

Yes We Can: Kelso Industrial Pale Ale. Whew. This IPA is no joke. With a BeerAdvocate score of 90 (outstanding) and a delectable taste, we’re on board with this can. With a rich medium body, moderate carbonation, hints of caramel and maple, and a warm hoppy finish, this can will keep you going into the winter months. If you can’t find these, the Kelso Pilsner cans are also a great pick.

Other Half Brewing Company

The newest brewing company featured here, Other Half, was founded in 2014 on the edge of Carroll Gardens. Their cans are limited release, and man, for newbies, they sure have a solid offering. With most beers on the higher scale on Beer Advocate, it can be tough to choose just one limited-release can to try.

Just CAN’t Resist: All Green Everything. Not only is the can a mesmerizing wicked-witch shade of green, but this American Double/Imperial IPA has a wicked good taste and 10.5% ABV rating to match. Oh, and did we mention it’s been rated a 97—“World Class”—on BeerAdvocate? The hoppy, dank “pine sap” flavor is rounded out by sweet candy and tropical fruit notes, according to beer-educated reviewers.

Now, once you’ve finished off one of these high-quality brews, what’s a Brooklynite to do? Crush it, of course. And obviously, recycle.

Looking for a place to live that’s in the center of one of the best craft brew states in America? Look no further than the best apartments in Downtown Brooklyn. Get in touch with questions today, or schedule a tour before you stop at one of the best breweries in America, right here in BK.

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Celebrate a Brooklyn Oktoberfest to Rival Munich’s

Image Source: Flickr via Thomas sauzedde

Can’t make it to Germany for Oktoberfest this year?

Well, you can still celebrate right here at beer gardens in Brooklyn. You’ll skip the long flight to Munich, communication issues, and massive crowds—but you’ll enjoy the good beer and food you’d expect.

Traditionally, this Bavarian festival actually starts in September, from Saturday, September 19 to Sunday, October 5, 2015. Here are some of the best ways to blow off steam and enjoy Oktoberfest right here in Brooklyn.

The Edible Oktoberfest at Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery

79 N 11th Street, Brooklyn

Last year, Edible mag and Brooklyn Brewery teamed up to dish out a Bavarian-style feast (prepared by the executive chef at Astor Center, Emily Peterson). There were pierogis, platters of Black Forest ham, pickles on sticks, the best kinds of “wurst”—bratwurst, bockwurst, etc.—and more. And of course, we had to order at least two Brooklyn Oktoberfest lagers to wash it all down.

We can only imagine what the folks at Brooklyn Brewery are dreaming up this year—follow them on Facebook for the first announcements of upcoming events.

Schnitzel and Wine at Berlyn


25 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

This German-American trendy bierhaus gets major props for the interior decor, a comfortable-yet-upscale environment with good music. But more importantly, the list of German wines is extensive. If you’re not much of a beer drinker, you may not have the greatest opinion of Oktoberfest. Well, that’s about to change.

Taste a few, then pair a perfect glass with the Niman Ranch Pork Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and pickled cucumbers, and if they’re available, a warm homemade pretzel with mustard. Oh, and don’t skip dessert: the warm apple strudel with salted caramel will take this Oktoberfest to the next level.

Italian-German Fusion at Brooklyn Buschenschank

Brooklyn Buschenschank

320 Court Street, Brooklyn

Germany and Italy have always had a rather friendly relationship, so this fusion of food from both cultures actually makes sense. Start with a fresh pretzel with tangy, addictive homemade bier cheese, and if you’re feeling ambitious, go for a wurst platter—an assortment of their best sausages resting atop a bed of sauerkraut, potato salad, and cabbage. As for the beer? Good luck deciding what German beer to fill that giant mug with.

Or, just get lasagna (nobody’s judging.)

A Kid-Friendly Oktoberfest at Der Schwarze Kolner

Der Schwarze Kolner

710 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Parents in Brooklyn have been making the controversial move of skipping babysitters for a night out for a while—now, one bar actually caters to those parents. (And in much of Europe, this isn’t actually a controversial move.)

Head to Der Schwarze Kolner if you’ve got kid duty during Oktoberfest, and your kids will actually enjoy events and activities tailored to them earlier in the day. Later on in the evening, enjoy Leberkaese, a slice of German meat loaf (pork and beef) on a roll. Or, get some Reibekuchen, warm German potato fritters with apple sauce. Sharpen up your kiddo’s global tastes—it’s the Brooklyn way.

Celebrate Big at Aviator Sports

Aviator Sports and Events

3159 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

If you were at last year’s Oktoberfest celebration at Aviator Sports, the massive sports and events center in Brooklyn, you know you can’t miss this year’s.

It’s all happening October 4 from noon to 6 p.m., and admission ($35) includes German beer, music, games, and a free shuttle from the Flatbush Ave/Brooklyn College subway station. Nosh on Bavarian pretzels, wurst (always), and even rabbit stew. Buy your tickets now!

There’s always something going on, whatever the season, in Brooklyn. And it’s always going to be exciting. That’s why we love living here, and that’s why we’d love to welcome you to your brand new luxury apartment in Downtown Brooklyn.

Interested? Get in touch with us today to learn more about AVA DoBro apartments.

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Never Leave Your Apartment Again with These Brooklyn Delivery Services

Image Source: Flickr via New Amsterdam Market

In our excitement over recent news about upcoming ice cream and cinnamon roll deliveries, let’s not forget how lucky we are to have access to other Brooklyn delivery services right now.

Seriously—some of these services don’t happen in parts of the Midwest. Here are some of the best delivery services around Downtown Brooklyn. Be warned: once you move into your luxury DoBro apartment and start ordering, you may never want to leave.

Keep Grocery Shopping (Minus the Arm Workout)

Yes, we know you regularly use Grubhub, Seamless, or another takeout app to cure your weekly pizza and pad thai fix. But if you’re still lugging around grocery bags on the subway after work, you’re not taking full advantage of your delivery powers.

Ditch your granny cart and just order from one of the following grocery stores and food services that deliver in Brooklyn:

Whole Foods

We can’t get enough of some of their yummy organic snacks and prepared foods. Get your Whole Foods sans the long haul by selecting your food in store, and asking for delivery. The $9.95 you’ll pay (team Yellow Zone!) will be well worth it—no more sore arms.


The best thing about this fan-favored grocery delivery service is probably their helpful “4-minute meal” plans, and their rigorous “fresh” tests, so you won’t receive wilted produce. Oh, and the fact that they’ve partnered with some of our favorite Brooklyn establishments, so you don’t have to endure that hour-long wait at Roberta’s (ever-delicious) Pizza.

Blue Apron

Sometimes, we actually like to fire up the stove and cook—but on our terms. And we want the ingredients to somehow magically appear. We usually end up cooking blue boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese. Thankfully, Blue Apron has taken the planning, prep, and the dreaded after-work grocery store visit out of a home cooked meal, leaving you—the master chef—in your gorgeous kitchen to do the fun part.

Brooklyn Fare

Ahhh, Brooklyn Fare, how we love thee. Not only are we obsessed with the foodie’s dream Chef’s Table, but with the number of gourmet items we can get delivered, they’ve won us over. From a gourmet olive bar to an addictive orange blossom honey balsamic vinegar, there’s nothing better than receiving your Brooklyn Fare delivery.

Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Day...at Home

Need a spa day? No need to leave home. Check out the best at-home spa services on Timeout, or head to Zeel and summon a licensed therapist to loosen up your tense “I-sit-14-hours-a-day” back.

Afterward, keep those relaxing vibes going at our Chill Lounge with outdoor terrace.

Don’t Budge for the Best Beverages in Brooklyn

We take beverages seriously in Brooklyn—and not just the alcoholic kind. All of us know at least two certified coffee snobs here in BK, and if we really think about it, we’ve all been spoiled by an overabundance of fantastic beverages. From local coffee roasters to homemade seltzer, Brooklyn, it’s time to take advantage of beverage delivery. Here are the best:

Gnarly Vines

The only thing better than a post-work bottle of wine is when that bottle of wine is hand-delivered to your door. We’re huge fans of this local wine delivery service, which requires a minimum bottle purchase for free delivery. Need those bottles tonight? No problem. (And no more broken bottles on the way home.)

Brooklyn Roasting

Five words: Coffee of the Month subscription. Order this, and lower your number of coffee runs per day.

Manhattan Milk

Remember when they used to deliver milk bottles on your doorstep? No? Well, neither do we. Start a new old-school memory, and get your milk delivered. Your cereal will never be milk-less again.

Brooklyn Seltzer Boys

This is the service you didn’t know you always needed. Enjoy old-fashioned seltzer in old-fashioned siphon bottles on your doorstep (right next to your milk).

Stop Struggling to Transport Furniture

One of the biggest differences between Brooklyn and Manhattan? Well, we have room for the sprawling furniture wonderland that is IKEA. Get your finds delivered, and save your strength for the arduous task of building that desk.

For Everything Else, Ask Your Genie

Ever wish for a personal assistant? There’s an app for that. Just download Get Magic Now on your phone, send a text, and they’ll figure out a way to fulfill your delivery/errand-running dreams.

The real magic isn’t in the fact that they deliver stuff, we already know how to find those deliveries. The magic is in the legwork—they’ll book flights, deliver flowers, and do anything that isn’t illegal for you. You don’t even have to log onto a site, which is great if you’re stuck on the 1 train at 5 p.m. and just realized it’s your sister’s birthday.

Have a delivery coming in that you won’t be around for?

Luckily, you can count on the 24-hour concierge and package acceptance service at AVA DoBro to get it to you safely. Even your groceries will be just fine—we’ve got cold storage. For the most convenient life you could ever hope for, you’ve got to live in the best apartments in Downtown Brooklyn. Interested in moving in soon? Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

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> Image: Pixabay

To Tell the Truth: 11 Reasons We Can't Leave Downtown Brooklyn

New public art installations are nothing new to New York. But every once in a while, one exhibit comes along that makes you sit and contemplate life as you munch on your falafel.

For us, it’s Hank Willis Thomas’s new art installation in Downtown Brooklyn, The Truth is I See You, in Metrotech Commons. The simple black and white speech bubbles posted state some bold truths, which inspired us to share a few truths of our own.

Here’s the truth about why we find it so tough to leave Downtown Brooklyn for other boroughs, and beyond.

1. The truth is...weekend trains into Manhattan are the worst.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what parade/special event is happening in Manhattan. It wouldn’t even phase us if 13 of our closest friends are meeting for eggs benedict at ABC Kitchen. There are very few things that would induce us to hop onto anything with MTA stamped on it on a Saturday. Weekend train service from BK to Manhattan is notoriously spotty.

Sure, we could take a car, but who really wants to risk getting stuck in traffic when there is so much good breakfast food to be devoured right here in Downtown Brooklyn?

2. The truth is...we have everything we need right here.

If you think Manhattan is where everything happens, it’s time to rethink that theory.

Brooklyn has a zoo. A unique culture. Astounding art. A fantastic park. One-of-a-kind museums. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Beaches. Good drinks. Good Mexican food. One thing we don’t have? Midtown. Which brings us to the next point.

3. The truth is...we worry about getting stuck in the middle of Manhattan.

It could happen, and has probably happened to every Brooklynite before. You’re commuting via the Q, and once you get to 34th Herald Square, the train conductor suddenly states (inexplicably!) that your train must be de-boarded.

The cause doesn’t really concern you. The real fear rises when you realize you might actually need to transfer above ground to get to your destination faster. There are few things that induce a sweat attack more than attempting to walk through the insanity that is Herald Square.

4. The truth is...we have our own nightlife.

And we’re not trying to travel all night to karaoke night at “Smitty's” or “O’Flahertys” or whatever other semi-Scottish bar everyone’s headed to in Midtown East. You can keep that $25 cocktail—we’ll enjoy the best Happy Hours right here in Brooklyn.

5. The truth is...we have the best pizza.

It’s true. Which is why Thrillist’s ranking of the best NY pizza (by experts, we might add) includes top six pizza spots in NYC that are in Brooklyn. Everyone is entitled to have their preference, as long as they acknowledge the fact that the best slices are right here in BK.

6. The truth is...there are so many cool things to do without a car.

This one goes in line with #2, but it applies on a broader scale—how many of you take a stroll around your neighborhood and run into a farmer’s market, an art show, or 15 great restaurants or small businesses around your apartment? It’s what makes Downtown Brooklyn so special—you don’t always have to make plans. Just go for a walk.

7. The truth is...we have more friends in Brooklyn than Manhattan.

It’s not that we don’t love you, Washington Heights friends. It’s just that...by the time we reach your house, we’re pretty beat. The subway’s better than a covered wagon ride, but not by much. (Which explains why most of our friends happen to live right next to us in Downtown Brooklyn.)

8. The truth is...we like the trees.

We don’t have anything against skyscrapers (and we’re getting a pretty big skyscraper soon). However, we do enjoy the fact that Brooklyn is completely spoiled with the green stuff—trees, shrubs, bushes, grass, flowers—they’re beautiful, and they keep us feeling grounded.

9. The truth is...our dogs like it best here.

Have you ever tried to walk a dog in Manhattan or Long Island City? It’s hard to find a better place to walk a dog than our laid back streets in Brooklyn. Yes, there are busy areas in downtown and beyond (especially around 3 p.m. on a weekday afternoon), but we all find our favorite spots. Fort Greene Dog Park is a good one. Think: more actual sticks, fewer selfie sticks.

10. The truth is...we like feeling like we’re apart of a community.

Part of the excitement of joining a luxury apartment community in Downtown Brooklyn is the general atmosphere in Brooklyn. Whereas other areas of NYC can feel like “every man for himself,” Brooklyn is generally much more community-oriented. It’s not the South, but it’s pretty friendly for a borough.

11. The truth is...we can never read those “Goodbye to All That” essays without shaking our heads.

Even after reading all the “Goodbye to All That” essays, we’re stuck to Brooklyn. And we can’t see that changing.

Want to enjoy Brooklyn with us? Get in touch with us today for an inside look at your future apartment in Downtown Brooklyn. AVA DoBro is the perfect spot for you, and we’ll show you why.

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Image source: Pixabay

7 Facts You Probably Don't Know About Downtown Brooklyn

How much do you know about Downtown Brooklyn?

Well, you probably know where to find the best bagels and coffee. You might even have an opinion on the best music venue. Let's dive a little deeper than that, shall we?

You may know some of these facts—but unless you were born and raised in the best borough (slightly biased), we’re willing to bet at least one of these facts will surprise you. From the best cheesecake to forts and wars, here are 7 facts you probably don’t know about Downtown Brooklyn (and Brooklyn in general):

1) Brooklyn used to produce more than half the sugar in the US.

Which would explain the Sugar Factory and IT’SUGAR Candy Store craze. Brooklyn, we’ve still got a major sweet tooth, and it goes all the way back to the early 1900s, when Brooklyn was just churning the sweet stuff out—more than half the sugar in the US, to be precise. (And they probably didn’t go to the dentist half as often as we do.)

2) The LA Dodgers were a Brooklyn team before 1958.

We’re not angry about what happened in 1957. We just console about the loss of the Dodgers by pigging out on Shake Shack while watching a Mets Game. Or catching a Yankees game. (But probably not the Yankees, let’s be real.)

3) DMX, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes went to high school in Downtown Brooklyn.

This is one of those facts that you can’t argue with. It’s in the NY Times. That’s right, folks. Three kinds of hip hop went through their awkward phases at George Westinghouse High School, right here in Downtown Brooklyn. Busta Rhymes and Biggie used to have rap battles in the lunchroom. Of course.

4) “The World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake” started here.

Yeah, cheesecake may have been first concocted in Greece, but it definitely wasn’t up to New York par. (Oh, and the Romans called it “Placenta.” Appetizing.) New York cheesecake is its own entity—just cream cheese, cream, eggs, and sugar. Good enough to stand on its own, without fruit or sweet chocolate on top. And Brooklyn, we still love our cheesecake. In fact, when Downtown Brooklyn’s famous cheesecake joint Junior’s caught on fire in 1981, the anxious crowd surrounding the building actually chanted, “Save the cheesecake.” If that isn’t true devotion, we don’t know what is.

5) That old Macy’s parking garage was painted by a real artist.

We write our love letters to Brooklyn on everything. Even parking garages. Even if we’re not Brooklyn natives. Not all of us tag—but Philadelphia artist, Stephen Power does. He painted his love letter to Brooklyn on the outside of an old parking garage in DoBro, and it took him less than 20 days. And, we might add, it looks fabulous.

6) There’s a Creepy Abandoned Subway Tunnel Under Atlantic Avenue.

A regular guy named Bob Diamond rediscovered this secret subway tunnel under Atlantic Avenue, and we’re not really sure how to feel about that. But the history behind the tunnel is pretty fascinating, and you can even go on a tour in it if you dare. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for it to be up and running—Brooklyn can never have too many express lines.

7) There was an actual fort in Fort Greene Park.

We’ve discussed the merits of parks in Downtown Brooklyn before, but we had to add this to the list—in 1776, American Major General Nathanael Greene approved the construction of Fort Putnam where you ate your picnic lunch yesterday. Well, maybe not exactly there, but it is rather astounding that this fun little green area we use to relax used to play a part in historic battles over 150 years ago.

And the 8th most interesting fact? You’re moving into a brand new luxury apartment in Downtown Brooklyn. At least, we hope so. Get in touch with us today to start living a more interesting life in Downtown Brooklyn!

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It’s hard to impress a Brooklynite.

Whether you’re about to move into a brand new apartment in Downtown Brooklyn or you’ve been here for years— we live in one of the most culturally diverse, trendsetting, and electrifying cities in the world.

There are a few things, though, that we’re willing to bet will wow even the most jaded Brooklyn dweller: authentic, taste-bud tingling West Indian food. Eye-busting, glittering costumes. Hypnotizing beats.

The annual West Indian American Day Carnival is on Labor Day (Monday, September 7, 11am-6pm) this year. Everything kicks off on Thursday, September 3, with special live music performances happening all week. Here’s why you should join millions of others and add this celebration of Caribbean American culture to your Brooklyn bucket list.

Reason #1: The Best West Indian Food in Brooklyn

We may not have the best southern or Mexican food in the United States—although we personally think we come close—but we have Caribbean food that will take you back to your last vacation in the D.R. or Jamaica.

And if you haven’t traveled that way yet, the food at the Carnival will have you pining for a trip. Oxtail with rice, plantains, spicy jerk chicken, tender stew chicken, calypso shrimp, and Gizzada (sweet coconut tart), and Doubles (two deep-fried flatbreads sandwiching chickpea curry) will blow you away. From Jamaica to Trinidad, you’ll get a wild taste experience at the many West Indian food vendors on the day of the parade.

Be prepared for Thanksgiving-Day-level-fullness. As they say in the West Indies, “Betta belly buss dan good food waste” (It is better to overeat than to waste great food.)

Reason #2: Incredible Caribbean Music (to Dance off the Food)

It’s hard to describe the many variations and the complexity of Caribbean music. If the extent of your experience with kettledrums is listening to the guy at the subway station playing endless covers of “Under the Sea,” then it’s time to expand your musical horizons. Music from the West Indies runs from chill reggae (yes, Bob Marley music) to Latin jazz and the mamba. The great thing about music? You don’t have to be a music major to enjoy it.

It is what it is. Get out there and feel the irresistible beat.

Reason #3: A Vibrant Parade to Rival the Mermaids

You’ve probably shuffled around on the Coney Island boardwalk in massive crowds during the Mermaid Day Parade at least once. And you’ve likely been impressed by the array of creative jellyfish and mermaids and men strolling and rolling about on floats.

Well, the West Indian American Day Carnival will blow those mermaids out of the water (pun definitely intended). West Indian costume shops, seamstresses, and headdress artists work months in advance to create elaborate, feathered, sparkling, color-saturated creations for dancers and participants. These costumes would make any peacock feel insecure.

Reason #4: Free Dance Performances

You’ve seen everything from ballet to Broadway to off-Broadway to breakdancing guys on the street. Dance is huge in Brooklyn and beyond—and the diversity of performance types are astounding.

Take advantage of the music and head to the Brass Fest at 7pm (Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway) on Friday, September 4. It’s one big outdoor party with the best Caribbean DJs and a great lineup of West Indian musicians. Can’t get enough of the simultaneously energizing and relaxing beats? Head to the Panorama Steelband! competition on Saturday, September 5 at 7pm, and Dimanche Gras (an encore presentation featuring live performances and traditional Caribbean characters) on Sunday, September 6 at 7pm. If you can’t make those nights, you’ll get an earful of music at the Carnival Parade on Monday.

Believe it or not, the West Indies celebration of the century wasn’t always in Crown Heights, Brooklyn—it used to be in Harlem. Nothing against Harlem, but Brooklyn has, and always will be (in our opinion), the place where diversity, culture, and good food thrive.

If you’re interested in a great apartment near where all the fun things are happening, schedule an appointment.

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Image: Flickr via pixonomy

Five Cool Places to See a Movie in Brooklyn

Summer’s not over yet! We won’t give it up without a fight.

Preferably if it’s a fight that involves delicious caramel corn, cool summer nights, and maybe a glass or two of a tasty local craft beer. Now that we’re in mid-August, some of the outdoor movie screenings are winding down. It’s time to catch one if you haven’t already!

We’ve compiled a list of unique places to see a movie in Brooklyn, along with advice to help you avoid weekend-plans-paralysis. Make it a date, go alone, or recruit all of your friends.

Syfy Movies with a View: For Crowd-Pleasing Faves*

Brooklyn Bridge Park

334 Furman Street

Syfy Movies with a view has to be one of the best things to come out of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Last week, we talked about how much we adore this place, and even suggested you grab a pie at Grimaldis before the movie (if you aren’t too cool to get in line with a bunch of tourists and selfie sticks). Better yet, post one or two friends in line for pizza, and go set up camp (AKA your blanket or sheet) for the film. Grass is limited, so claim your space early.

Next Up:

August 13 (TONIGHT): Dr Strangelove

August 20: Dazed and Confused

August 27: Die Hard

Habana Outpost: For the Classics

Habana Outpost

757 Fulton Street (The corner of Fulton & South Portland)

Every Sunday night at 8 p.m., Habana Outpost will be screening some awesome classics. From Breakfast at Tiffany's to The Lost Boys, we’re all excited about these diverse picks. Unfortunately, like all good seasons on the east coast, eventually the screenings will end. Fortunately, the final screening is on October 25. Fingers crossed for no Snowtober. Get there around 6 and enjoy an awesome dinner—can’t go wrong with the Cuban Sandwich, with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese & pickles, and chipotle mayo—it was voted best in NYC. Their fish tacos also get major props for being fresh to death (and nearly as good as a West Coast catch). No meal is complete without a cotija-covered, chili-powdered hot ear of grilled corn.

Now, you’re ready for a movie.

Next Up:

August 16: Grease

August 23: Footloose

August 30: Coming to America

Flicks On the Beach at Coney Island: For Your Inner Child*

Coney Island

3059 West 12th Street

There is only one right way to see a movie at Coney Island: you must spend the entire day there, then collapse on the beach in all of your slightly sunburnt glory, too full of hot dogs and slushies to move. If you must ride coasters, we recommend you do so pre food fest. Sun, sand, water—Brooklynites, we are so lucky we live in this great city. Unfortunately, this event, too, shall end. Yes, it’s a bit of a hot subway ride—but it’s worth it. Soak up the best of the summer before our real favorite season hits. (Yep. You know the one we’re talking about.)

Next Up:

August 17: Guardians of the Galaxy

August 24: TBD (check site for details)

Nitehawk Cinema: For Yummy Eats

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Avenue

Oh, Nitehawk, how we love thee. Where to start?

  1. Crispy delicious tater tots
  2. Chock-full-of-caramel popcorn
  3. Occasional tangerine donuts
  4. Fried pickles
  5. Everything about you

You can definitely skip dinner before the movie. The food here is better than anything you’ll get outside of the theater, partially because you get to eat while the movie’s running (and that makes everything taste better). See the website for full listings.

Next Up:

August 15: The Rock, Dazed and Confused (note: everyone in NYC adores this movie), The Flying Guillotine

August 18: Applesauce (plus Q&A session with Onur Turkel)

August 22: Spoons Toons & Booze Goes Back to School, The Mummy, Shaolin and Wu Tang

Drafthouse: For the Love of Beer

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

445 Gold Street

Nitehawk was first, but hey, we totally welcome another place where we can mix up our usual routine of Sour Patch Kids, stale popcorn, and a “small” (but really, it’s huge) Coke. Alamo Drafthouse claims to be “obsessed” with craft beers, which is only to be expected from someone new to Brooklyn. (We love our beer too, we’re just more used to it.) They don’t just screen the blockbuster hits, which we appreciate. We only jotted down a few fun upcoming screenings below. Check out their website for full listings.

Next Up:

August 15: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Straight Outta Compton

August 22: Exhumed Films: Guilty Pleasures Marathon, Part 2 (awesome and hilarious low-budget films)

August 26: Free Screening--Best in Show

*Ends soon. See website for details so you don’t end up super disappointed and alone in a deserted park or beach.

What are you doing this weekend? Repeat after us—movie in Brooklyn. Trust us, there’s nothing else you should be doing. Except, of course, going on a tour of your future luxury apartment in Downtown Brooklyn. Get in touch with us today to set up a viewing!

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Image Source: Flickr

Green Thumb War

Now that the sweaty (and glorious) days of summer are in full swing, the trees are fully green, and there’s a slight breeze--there’s no better time to be in the park. (OK, except for spring and fall, which are far too short.)

Whether you’re sitting on the grass enjoying a crisp Pinot Grigio and cheese, or rocking out to a concert, there’s no denying that New Yorkers appreciate their parks, possibly more than backyard-blessed suburbanites. Because, well, the best parks in Downtown Brooklyn kind of are our backyards.

Now for the big question: what’s the best park in Downtown Brooklyn? We’re going to avoid the obvious (Prospect), and focus on smaller contenders closer to Fort Greene.

The Soccer Star: Cadman Plaza

(15 minute walk / 6 minute train)

Cadman Plaza isn't perfect, but it is a strong contender for the sports lovers out there, and great for an afternoon read. The ample (yet uncomfortable) fake grass is available for all of the sporting events you love. On top of that, it’s surrounded by trees and various eateries where you can grab a quick bite.

A few things to keep in mind: this is not a great picnic spot, the bathrooms are pretty terrible, and half of the schools in the area march their under-10 set into this park every day. It’s tough to avoid a devastating collision or an embarrassing frisbee-in-some-poor-child’s-face incident. Try to go on the weekend, and bring friends for a game of flag football or frisbee.

Park with a Plot: Fort Greene Park

(15 minute walk / 12 minute train)

This park has a plot, and not just land (yes, we’re that clever). Recently, Hersheys, Kraft Heinz, and Honey Maid filmed an ad for s’mores and camping in Fort Greene Park. Normally, tents in a public NYC park are more suspicious than adorable, but that’s besides the point. The most important thing to note? Several of the kids in this video are tasting s’mores FOR THE FIRST TIME. As impossible as that sounds.

Anyway, back to the park. Before it was the site for ooey-gooey commercials and laid back summer days, Fort Greene was the site of Revolutionary War forts built during the War of 1812. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being a little more aggressive in that pickup basketball game or fighting over the last few BBQ chips. These are fightin’ grounds.

Just kidding. Go lay on a blanket and watch hilariously shaped clouds float by or enjoy a cinema-worthy night-sky watching experience led by a park ranger.

The Coolest (Literally): Commodore Barry Park & Pool

(12 minute walk / 12 minute train)

If your hair is sticking to your forehead and you can’t bear the thought of boarding the train, you’re in luck. This is one case where walking to the park takes just as long as the subway. You might be sweating all the way there, but an actual pool awaits you at Commodore Barry Park. Of course, when you move into AVA DoBro, you’ll be able to hang out in our chill lounge with an outdoor terrace, but a refreshing dip in a community pool works in a pinch.

This park is also the oldest park in the borough (acquired in 1836), and actively hosts some pretty awesome events, like the AFROPUNK Festival 2015--featuring greats like Lenny Kravitz and Grace Jones.

Points or Entertainment: Brooklyn Bridge Park

(25 minute walk OR 9 minute train)

Ahh, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Out of all the parks listed, it’s the farthest--but it’s so worth the trek. You’ll want to spend the whole day here, starting with a slice of Grimaldi’s Pizza and ending with whatever Syfy movie with a view is playing during the summer.

There are so many events happening here at all times that it’s hard to imagine getting bored, but if you can’t take one more carousel ride (it’s OK, we’ve all done it), just take a stroll around DUMBO. If you’re at Pier 5 (this park is quite large), we recommend you take an ice cream break at Ample Hills Creamery. It’s the best ice cream in BK, and possibly the universe. (Protip: Get Salted Crack Caramel or Chocolate Milk and Cookies.)

So if you haven’t realized yet, we have a favorite park...and yes, it’s #4, Brooklyn Bridge Park. But really, head to any of these parks for a fun-filled day. And at the end of it, crash in the most amazing apartment in Downtown Brooklyn--AVA DoBro--opening before the end of the year. Interested? Have questions? Get in touch with us today!

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Image: Flickr

New Food Trends

Now that avocado toast, cupcakes, and cronuts are officially over (well, technically over--we’re still team yummy carbohydrates), it’s time to look for what’s next.

Start making your food-to-try list now, and you’ll be ready when you move into your brand new apartment in Downtown Brooklyn! Now, for a look into the best new food trends in Brooklyn, and where to snag them.

The Great Flat White

Move over, sugary frappes and americanos: there’s a new surprisingly simple popular kid in school. Flat Whites don’t exactly sound exciting, and really, they’re not. But if you’re from Australia or just enjoy a simple, creamy coffee with far less froth than a cappuccino, you’ll be a fan. Head to Myrtle & Gold for a great taste of this simple trend.

Oysters Galore

Yes, dollar oysters seem like they’ve been around forever--but have you tried them? There’s a reason we’re excited. If you’ve had all the dollar seafood you can handle, make an advance reservation for the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. You’re bound to get seafood of some kind when you go--and we’re willing to bet oysters there are absolutely to die for.

Taco City

All the best city chefs have been experimenting with the humble taco--but we’d suggest you skip the lines, reservations, and expense and head to Don Nico’s food truck for some of the best tacos you’ve ever had. Portobello tacos roll in another big trend--veggies as a main course. Vegetarians and vegans, you were doing the “veggie-as-a-main-course” aka “root-to-leaves” thing way before anyone else. We gotta give you props!

Artisanal Candytown

Unlike the bitter food trend, sweet treats don’t require any getting used to. Come to the dark side, and try a local Mast Brother’s Vanilla Smoke Bar. The Mast brothers are real, they live in BK, and yes, they happen to create some of the best chocolate bars you’ve ever bitten into. In the mood for a cookies-n-cream squishy marshmallow or old-fashioned butter toffee? Sugar Knife is here for you. Whatever your artisan candy wish, Brooklyn has it. Thank you, food trend gods.

Grilled Cheese Love

Nobody--without a lactose intolerance or gluten allergy--doesn't love a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. There are few things that can so powerfully transport us back to childhood (along with otter pops, pb&j, and those sugar dust sticks our parents hated for obvious reasons). Head to the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck, take a big bite, and watch any bad day magically transform to OK.

Food trends are just some of many reasons we adore living in Downtown Brooklyn. Looking for an apartment in DoBro you’ll love almost as much as that carnitas taco you’re devouring? Get in touch with us at AVA DoBro. We’ll hook you up with the best brand new apartment in Brooklyn!

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