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Chicken Tikka Masala Makes the Menu at Rajaji Curry House Near AVA Van Ness in Washington

The red awning, sidewalk patio, and simple dining room may not be particularly striking features all on their own, but together they constitute Rajaji Curry House. It's an Indian restaurant in DC that, according to Yelp reviewers, does the dazzling in its cuisine.

Situated just a stone's throw away from AVA Van Ness, Rajaji Curry House probably has the largest following for its chicken tikka masala. Multiple reviewers sing its praises, one simply calling it "delicious," and other describing the dish as "rich, creamy, and tomato-y." The chicken tikka masala represents the type of traditional Indian fare you'll find all over the menu at Rajaji. Of course, that fare also includes curry. If you like spice, order the gosht vindaloo, a lamb curry that packs plenty of heat. For something milder, opt for the jingha shahi, a cream-based curry with plump shrimp. Regardless, don't miss the garlic naan. It's the perfect tool for scooping up any leftover bits of food or juices on your plate.

Rajaji Curry House
2603 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 265-7344

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Stock up at Sherry's Wine and Spirit Near AVA Van Ness in Washington

Maybe you’re hosting a gathering at AVA Van Ness this weekend. Perhaps you’re in need to a gift for that wine-loving friend of yours. Or maybe you just need to replenish your alcohol stock. Whatever the reason, head to Sherry’s Wine and Spirit, a Washington, DC establishment that features a wide selection of wine, beer, champagne, and liquor.

The Woodley Park shop features an impressive selection of white, blush, and red wine. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, check out the champagne vintages on the shelves that are shipped from all over the world. Beer drinkers can also get their fix here. The beer is sold by the tap in growlers so they can be taken home and enjoyed. The liquor collection consists of everything, ranging from unique liqueurs to classic whiskeys. Sherry’s Wine and Spirit is open Mondays through Saturdays, so make sure to stock up before Sunday rolls around.

Sherry's Wine and Spirit
2627 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 234-9200

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Nam-Viet Pho 79: Venture Inside to Enjoy Vietnamese Cuisine Near AVA Van Ness

As the saying goes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Along those line, guests say you shouldn't judge Nam-Viet Pho 79 by its exterior. The run-down awning and neon signs aren't an indication of what awaits guests inside the Washington, D.C. eatery. Many of the Cleveland Park diners who venture inside this Vietnamese restaurant are glad they did when they try the well-crafted food.

The regulars at Nam-Viet Pho 79, located just a short distance from AVA Van Ness, suggest starting with one of the noodle soups or the crispy spring rolls. Consider following those appetizers with grilled jumbo shrimp served with rice vermicelli or the pork chops with jasmine rice and steamed veggies. The health-conscious diners will be glad to know that brown rice can be substituted for the traditional white rice. Every dish here is made to order to ensure that your food is prepared just the way you like it.

Nam-Viet Pho 79
3419 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 237-1015

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The Simple French Fare of Petits Plats Isn't Far From AVA Van Ness in Washington

Translated into English, the French term "petits plats" means small dishes. But it also means simple, home-cooked dishes made with love. Once you venture from AVA Van Ness for a meal at Petits Plats, you'll understand why the restaurant bears this name.

The breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare offered here is fresh and minimalist — the chefs prefer to use few ingredients so the flavors of the cuisine really comes through in every bite. If you eat here for brunch, kick off your meal with a mimosa, bellini, or Bloody Mary, followed by the steamed mussels, eggs Benedict, or eggs Florentine. As the clock turns toward dinner, some appealing options might be the pan seared sea scallops, Irish salmon with ratatouille red wine sauce, or the classic beef bourguinon with house-made pasta. If you have any room left for dessert before heading back to AVA Van Ness, opt for the creme brulee.

Petits Plats
2653 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 518-0018

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International Visions Gallery Near AVA Van Ness in Washington: Masterpieces from All Over the Map

International Visions Gallery owner Tim Davis is an artist himself, so he has an eye for spotting up-and-coming artists just on the brink of gaining a large following. Armed with his masters degree from the University of Illinois and years of experience working with mixed media, Davis keeps International Visions Gallery stocked in unique pieces from all over the world.

According to one Yelp reviewer, International Visions Gallery hosts "eclectic and diverse" shows, and its website backs up this claim by revealing that the gallery holds works from more than 25 different countries. From Ghana to Argentina; from Vietnam to Pakistan; from Zimbabwe to Ireland, the artists featured at International Visions Gallery bring their own distinct world views to their works. Make the short drive from AVA Van Ness to the D.C. gallery for a look at what they've been working on.

International Visions Gallery
2629 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
(202) 234-5112

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